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History of minerals for human usage

Developed for the first time in the 1800s, hardness scale measurements are a list of minerals. The stones are made up of different minerals and most have a “hardness” rate represented by the MoHS. Some of the most popular and commonly used natural stones in this list are made from minerals. For example, you can see how the strength of the two popular natural stones, listed below, is represented by the MOH scale.


Granite-it is the strongest of all natural stones. It is made of feldspar and quartz, so it will be 6 or 7, depending on its hardness. Being cold means the rock is less porous, so it is less likely to stain and chip. It requires less maintenance but should be taken care of properly.


Marble is known as a beautiful, traditional “Old World”. It is said to look “soft”, and is a really soft stone. The marble is mostly made of calcite, so it usually has a rate of about 3 on MOHS. Because it is a more porous stone and usually comes in a limited number of lighter colors, there is a higher risk that the stone will stain. This is why it must be properly sealed at

When searching for natural stones it is useful to understand the measure of hardness standard. Now, if you look at a rock label that says “Hardness 2.5”, you’ll understand what the number means. Here’s another interesting note: Stones with low MHS rates cannot scratch stones at that rate. And, being at the top of the list, diamonds can’t be scratched by other materials.


Color Violet is often associated with healing, healing and our relationship with the divine source of energy. Diamond is one of the many stones known as Healer Stone, Stone Un unconditional love and self-forgiveness. It shows the highest rays of light, violet, violet and violet-red. These colors dissolve all the less negative energies in and around us.

Suglit represents a powerful link between the mind and the physical body that aims to establish conscious control over our mental thought processes. Capable of controlling, but by conducting our thought processes, our psychic faculties enable the healing power of the universe and create a physical balance with the supernatural energy through our physical body.

Very powerful stone or mineral

It is a very powerful stone or mineral that we have been gifted by Earth Mother since the early 1980s. It can be placed on the third eye wheel to soothe, clarify, balance, and create fibers from an external point of view. This will enable you to look beyond the limits of the physical realm.The empathetic healer and everyone who is very sensitive will help you balance your emotions and all your meaning, aligning you with your true self.


Silica, clay and granite slabs are reclaimed by cutting the earth’s surface into larger sizes. After being moved to the storage area, they are cut to the appropriate size and shape. Waste materials are dumped into the dumping yard, as they degrade the environment greatly. There are different ways of slab or stone carat of stone of considerable economic value, but the main methods are to do the mining and quarrying work safely.


Extraction is an industry whose main function is to incorporate machinery and manpower to excavate this expensive material from underground. Stones like diamonds have been in high demand since ancient times and so a lot of stress is put on bringing stones safely. Africa’s mines are famous for gold and diamond mining because there are many resources to be found.

Oil wells are mostly known for getting oil from underground and storage and exporting it for commercial purposes. Competition in every sector is increasing at a rapid pace, but there are still many possibilities for the growth of the industries associated with this sector.

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