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7 Best Places to Visit Near Udupi on Your Karnataka Tour

Karnataka is home to some of the most amazing places ever. Did you know there are some really amazing places to visit near Udupi? This lesser-popular South Indian state will surprise you with the hidden gems within it. How about you try to explore some of these offbeat yet stunning places near Udupi this vacation? There are attractions to suit the need of all types of travelers. Are you looking for a hill station near Udupi? Would you rather explore some famous temples near Udupi? You will find all that and much more in the region. Take a look at some of the top places to visit near Udupi listed below. Find the ones you like most and start exploring there!

Top Places around Udupi for a Weekend Getaway:

You can enjoy some of the most fabulous weekend getaways from Udupi even if making a short trip on last minute flights. All of these places can be visited by couples, families, and friends alike. Check out our list of the top places to visit near Udupi below and decide which ones you’d like to visit first.


For a back-to-nature experience, this is among the best places to visit near Udupi. Think cascading waterfalls, lush green hills, thick forests, and stunning grasslands. Encircled by the spectacular Baba Budan Giri Hills, this remarkable place is located in Chikmagalur. Top attractions to enjoy here include Hebbe Falls, Z Point, Bhadra Tiger Reserve, and Kalahasti Falls among other things. Take your loved ones along and enjoy a fun outing at Kemmannugundi.


There are a lot of things to do and places to visit in Coorg, one of the most stunning hill stations in India. A mountainous region, Coorg is placed several hundred meters above sea level. Must-see attractions include the sprawling coffee and tea plantations. Stroll through them and taste some of the best produce of the region. There are some plantations that allow you to stay on the premises as well. Visit with your beau as this is among the most romantic places to visit near Udupi.


The Udupi Beach and Kudlu Falls Udupi may be good places to visit for water lovers. However, Bhatkal is ideal among all places to visit near Udupi for history lovers. Among the oldest towns in the state, the place is steeped in incredibly rich history. Invaded by various rulers at different points in time, Bhatkal has been influenced by all of them to an extent. You can even find Portuguese influence in some of its architecture. Visit mosques, temples, and other ancient structures and marvel at their magnificence.

4.Jog Falls

This is among the top places to visit near Udupi for waterfall lovers arriving on business class flights. The unimpeded fall of water from a height of over 800 feet is a mesmerizing sight to behold. There are several viewpoints to take advantage of here. However, do keep in mind that you will have to trek a bit to reach good vantage points to look at the waterfall. Exercise caution and have a fun-cum-safe trip. Also, you can explore the Dabbe Falls and Linganamakki Dam nearby.

5.St. Mary’s Island

St. Mary’s Island Udupi is among the most picturesque places you’ll ever come across. Made up of four different islands, this is an offbeat yet stunning destination to explore. The quaint island is replete with spectacular rock monoliths, shimmering white-sand beaches, and incredible wildlife. Owing to its remote location and tranquil ambiance, the place is a hit with travelers looking for quiet places to relax. Among the top places to visit near Udupi, explore it while it remains shielded from over-tourism.



Murudeshwar is home to some of the most famous temples near Udupi. Its main attraction is the massive Shiva statue placed on the scenic beach and overlooks the whole town. A holy site for Hindus across the country, the Murudeshwar temple welcomes a throng of visitors all year round. Besides this, you can enjoy a horde of exciting water sports in the region. It’s one of the best places to visit near Udupi for enjoying snorkeling, swimming, and motorboat rides among other things.


A quieter alternative to the beaches in Goa, Gokarna is among the best places around Udupi for a weekend getaway. Fairly secluded and blessed with abundant natural beauty, Gokarna is a spectacular spot to visit on your trip. This is among the best places to visit near Udupi for a beach-cum-spiritual vacay. What do we mean by that? Well, the place is home not just to gorgeous beaches, but it’s also home to some of the most famous temples near Udupi.

These are just some of the many awesome places to visit near Udupi on your Karnataka trip. Book cheap flights to Bengaluru at the earliest and come to explore as many of these amazing places around Udupi for a weekend getaway as you can!

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