Best Off-Season Tips for Pool Maintenance

After summer fun is gone, it’s time to take care of the swimming pool. Remember, pool maintenance does not stop because it’s shut down. Here are the best tips to ensure that your swimming pool stays in excellent condition throughout the year.

Vacuum your Pool and Maintain PH Levels

Give a thorough cleaning before saying goodbye to your pool till next season. Also, PH levels usually hike in cold weather. This chemical imbalance can cause nasty stains. So make sure you test the PH level of water once a week.


  1. PH must be between 7.2 and 7.6
  2. Use test strips made for this purpose
  3. If the level is too low, add a PH increaser and vice versa

Add Algaecide in Mid-Winter

Prevent your costly installation from algae builds up using an algaecide. When you plan to shut down your pool, add algaecide to water and run the pump for one day. After that, keep the pump off. It helps the water stay fresh for a long time.

Inspect all the Parts

It is essential to have an in-depth inspection of your pool. Check pipes and motorized pipes before you shut down your swimming pool. It is because the chilling temperature causes the water in the pipes to freeze and cause breakage to the system. This damage can cost you a massive amount of money for repair in the long run.

Thus, it’s better to flush the water from the pool lifter, pump, and heater. Try to drain 4 to 6 inches water from below the skimmer of the pool. For this, use a pool vacuum or sump pump.

Keep Pool Cover Clean

Winter covers are a must-have for the pool. They not just guard the water inside but also serve as security for small animals and kids. Hose your swimming pool daily to eliminate all the debris.

Add Chlorine for Trouble-Free Opening

There are usually three off-seasons – fall, early spring, and winter. It’s advised to use chlorine throughout these seasons.

Here are some tips to follow:

  1. In fall, add enough chlorine that can make water clean throughout the entire winter. But make sure you do not add more than needed because it can bleach your pool liner.
  2. In the spring season, open a side of the cover and add chlorine into the pool water.
  3. When you open the swimming pool again, vacuum the waste from the bottom.
  4. If you spot any signs of green water in spring, add more chlorine. Let the pump clear out the debris for you. Also, if you do not notice any progress after several hours, try to repeat the dose of chlorine and algaecide.
  5. After that, give your pool an additional vacuum session.

Make Sure that Safety Cover is of Proper Fitting

Taking care of the pool till spring comes make opening very easy. The best way to do this is by ensuring that the swimming pool cover is of proper fit. It is because loose safety cover can invite dirt, debris, and insects, thereby increasing build up.

Maintain your Investment as Per Weather Conditions

If you reside in a region that faces massive rainfall during fall, its best to use mesh cover to protect your pool installation. To make your pool ready, add more chemicals. It washes away algae blooms at the base of your pool before the winter season.

Add Enzyme Chemicals

It is common for the pool to have artificial organic contaminants like bird droppings, pollen, etc. Use the enzyme product and also pour it to the mesh cover as well. It will break down these contaminants with ease and even prevent forming a water line in winter.

Keep Above-Ground Cover Debris-Free

The above-ground pool typically collects a lot of junk, such as leaves, tree sticks, etc. It creates an unpleasant smell in the pool since water is stagnant. Clearing it can be a massive headache for the pool owner as they are tough to eliminate entirely for the swimming pool.

Therefore, it’s a smart idea to use an air pillow. You can add it to your pool cover. It will guard it against ice and snow damage while keeping the cover well balanced in the wind.

Regularly Check for Loose Ends

Always check on above ground winter cover for loose ends. If you spot it, tighten it instantly. Otherwise, anyone can slip inside the pool and get in big trouble, mainly kids and animals.

It’s also a good idea to check the air pressure inside the air pillow. If you feel that it’s going flat, buy another one instantly and place it under your pool cover.

Guard your Pool Water

Today, there are tons of winter products available in the market that you can use to stop micro-organisms’ growth in water. It will keep pool water bacteria-free and clean for a spring opening.

Open Pool Early

Open the pool before the water gets warm. It is because hot water increases the chances of algae buildup. Thus, it’s better to open your pool installation in early spring.

Take Expert Help

If you do not have time to take care and maintain your swimming pool, it’s the best idea to hire a professional. Reliable Inground pools Perth service will make your pool ready to go when hot weather returns.

Wrapping Up:

Pool maintenance and care are always necessary regardless of the outside temperature. Follow the above-mentioned off-season pool maintenance tips and tricks to make it look best throughout the year.

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