Mussoorie Romantic Place to Visit This Holiday

If you ever go to Mussoorie, you will realise why it is called the ‘Queen of Hills’. The mesmerizing view of hills and waterfalls on the way to the city is quite breath-taking. It is one of the most adventurous places in India situated in Uttarakhand. There are plenty of options available to do in Mussoorie and some of them are given below see – Mussoorie Romantic Place to Visit This Holiday.


  1. Trekking

Trekking Mussoorie, Romantic place to visit this holiday

One of the most famous activities in Mussoorie is trekking. You can go to several places like Yamunotri and Gangotri, kempty Falls or happy Valley using trekking. You will enjoy your walk through the longest hanging bridge in India which is called sky bridge and a lot of small all lakes and waterfalls in your journey. So if you want to have adventurous things to do in Mussoorie then you can opt for trekking for sure.


  1. Hiking

Did you ever want to do a hacking inside a forest? If you did then Mussoorie is the best place for you. And even if you did not then also you can try out this activity once there. You can go to nag tibba summit by hiking and you will get to see the floating clouds and lush green trees around you. And you will feel relaxed by the surrounding magical mountains all over the places.


  1. Rock climbing

Rock climbing Mussoorie, Romantic place to visit this holiday

If you are an adventure lover then you must try out several adventure sports in Mussoorie. Among all of them, rock climbing and also rappelling is the conventional ones to do here. Here you can take a small crash course in rock climbing before going for the small Hills in that area. You can also try out giving but this activity needs a lot of curiosity and daring attitude in you. If you are in love with Hills and want to summit then you can surely try out doing rock climbing at least once in your life. And it is one of the best things to do in Mussoorie.


  1. Paragliding

Paragliding is one of the toughest adventure sports to try out. And Mussoorie is one of the most famous places to do paragliding in India. Here you can also choose the joy ride where two-seater glider will be there in which there will be a professional pilot with you and that pilot will give you a mind-blowing experience of paragliding in Mussoorie. These pilots have around 3,000 hours of experience in flying and that is why you are quite safe with them. So if you want a fun vacation in Mussoorie then paragliding should be on your to-do list for sure Visit Uttrakhand for honeymoon packages.


  1. Rafting

Rafting Mussoorie, Romantic place to visit this holiday

River rafting is one of the most daring sports in India because the current in most of the rivers here is quite scary. But if you want a thrilling experience in river rafting then you can surely do that in Mussoorie where the three rivers named Alaknanda, dhauliganga and Kali meet each other and creates a rapid current in the water. It is around half day tour where you can leave with some other people as your companion. And it is a lifetime experience for any adventure lover.


  1. Roller Skating

Most of us don’t know that Mussoorie has the largest roller skating rink in India. And if you love this game and quite good in balance with your body then you must try out doing roller skating in Mussoorie. Here there are a lot of skating rinks and you can choose any of them to enjoy your heart out. If you never try this sports in your life then you must try your hands on in roller skating at least once in a lifetime and Mussoorie is a great option to do that.

  1. Winemaking

Winemaking Mussoorie, Romantic place to visit this holiday

This is a completely different experience for anyone who has never been in the vineyards before. Most of the tour packages Uttarakhand has winemaking as an activity and you will love the small workshops by several hotels there. The process is called vinification and it is quite offbeat to do in India. You will also be offered to taste the wine and generally all of the workshops end with that session. So if you want to experience the wind tasting in your life then Mussoorie is a great place for that.


  1. Shopping

No one doesn’t love shopping and whenever we go to some places for our vacation we try to buy something there as the souvenir of that place. And if you are going to Mussoorie then you can enjoy shopping for awesome ethnic jewellery and colourful things from Kulri Bazaar.

Here you will be able to find a lot of things which are beautifully crafted by hands and also you will be able to get these in a very reasonable price. You can also try out the winter garments here as it is a hill station and an awesome Tibetan market is there to satisfy you with their variety.


  1. Food tour

Are you a foodie from the heart? If yes then Mussoorie will take your breath away. You will find a lot of Garhwal and also Tibetan food in Mussoorie and if you like to try out different cuisines then this is the best place for you. The people who love eating dim sums and thukpas can enjoy this food a lot. Some famous garhwali dishes are Bal mithai, jhangora ki kheer, singodi, Gul gula, Malta juice etc. and if you want to satisfy your taste buds then this is the perfect destination for you.


  1. Wildlife Safari

Wildlife Safari Mussoorie Romantic place to visit this holiday

If you are an animal lover then you must try why the wildlife Safari in Mussoorie. There are a lot of Wildlife sanctuaries like jabarkhet wildlife sanctuary and Corbett National Park where you will enjoy your Safari a lot surrounded by Himalayan bear, panther and leopard.


So these were top 10 things to do in mussoorie honeymoon packages. If you are going to Mussoorie with your partner then you can enjoy these adventurous activities with him/her with utmost enthusiasm.

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