Wall lamps are an ideal solution to illuminate passageways

Wall lamps are an ideal solution to illuminate passageways or areas located next to a wall. In the market there is a wide variety of models available, adaptable to all aesthetic and functional requirements.

When choosing a wall lamp you must take into account the use that will be given. If you want an applet as a point of light for reading, it will be essential to concentrate the light down. But if what is desired is a soft lighting for a room, you can choose a type of lamps that focus the beam towards the ceiling to create a diffuse effect.

Wall lamps of very varied materials

There are many wall lamps of very varied materials: plaster lamps, metal sconces, wall panels with plastic lampshade, glass, fabric … Depending on the material and color of the lamp, it will gain more or less prominence in the decoration of the lamp. stay. If you do not want to stand out too much, it will be a good idea to use plaster lamps, since they can be painted the same color as the walls and will go unnoticed. Metal sconces, on the other hand, tend to stand out more and gain presence in the room as a whole.

Wall sconces are a good solution when you want to free tables or tables. A wall lamp with articulated or flexible arm, for example, provides perfect lighting for reading, either for an armchair or in bed.

The type of bulb chosen will depend on the use and atmosphere you want to create. hexagonal wall light with natural light are more suitable for reading or work areas, while warm light is more advisable for rooms or lounges where a comfortable and relaxing environment is sought.

Install the wall lamp

Finally, you have to choose the height where to install the wall lamp. To achieve a blurred light in the room, you can use lamps that project the light upwards: it will be necessary to leave between 30 and 50 cm of space between the lamp and the ceiling so that the light is reflected optimally. You also have to make sure you install them above sight level so they don’t bother walking.

We must pay special attention when lighting stairs, it is important not to forget that the point of view changes depending on whether it goes up or down. Thinking about when the stairs are lowered, make sure the lights do not disturb the view or blind, especially if the beam is focused up.

Ambient lighting lamps, on the other hand, can be placed at eye level and can replace a floor lamp. In addition, if they have a reflector that projects the light downwards, they can also be used to illuminate work areas or countertops.

The type of bulb will depend on the use of the lamp. Their useful life and energy efficiency will vary depending on whether they are incandescent, halogen, fluocompact or LEDs.

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