Reason to visit Cambridge on Valentine Day

Reasons to Visit Cambridge on Valentine’s Day

Oh, the anticipation is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches. People all around the world celebrate the romantic date planning things with their better half. I’m sure many of you dream to plan or think of an idea with an element of surprise to propose your partner – in an old classy way.

But did you ever think about travelling? Well, if you have, then you must have seen destinations around the world, that make such occasion more worthy just because you see the happy smile on the face of your loved one.

Why celebrate valentine at all?

Why not? There’s no better excuse to wear a black mini dress or high pumps just for the sake of it! And obviously, it’s a perfect moment to plan a date night or hangout an entire day! or even dare to take your girl on Cambridge limo service while she aah’s and ooh’s the entire ride? Cambridge is more than the perfect place to spot the best things to do you have been waiting for so anxiously.

But hold on a minute! What happens if you are single? Or just stepping into your third date only? Wouldn’t it be weird to say the girl of your dream “I Love You” with the fear that you might scare her away?

Travelling around the region of Cambridge with high hopes can do the trick and make a girl fall in love with you.

How to ensure a Romantic time this Valentine?

Valentine is not only about a candlelight dinner or even flowers. It’s about appreciating time with your loved one. Does it matter if it’s not been so long? No, it doesn’t as long as you have your butterflies happily tickling you in the belly; you know the perfect person is right there. So plan away with the best ideas like;

· Have a Walk-able Date

Weather is the real trigger here, but if it’s good enough, take your partner for a walk. If you are a runner, a marathon may sound in favour of the idea and have a friendly run around the trials. You can explore an easy trail just on the outskirts of Cambridge with moderate traffic on Mill Run Trail. The best part of these trails is its accessibility.

It’s safe and sound and you can even take your dog on the run too! Why not start the day with a proper mood? If your partner happens to enjoy a long walk or running session, you have to use it to your advantage.

· A Dip in Chocolate

Most girls like chocolates, so make it your mission to make a perfect gift hamper out of varying types of chocolates. Reid Chocolates is a cool outlet selling pints of chocolates and anything you can ever think of.

Whether it’s the milk chocolate or a box of dark chocolate covered in ginger, you can easily arrange to buy some of the delicious flavoured chocolates here.  A high quality, strong flavours and styles you will have a lot to choose from. Having a bit of sweet tooth already? Yeah, me too!

· Up in the Air

A hot air balloon is the latest addition to the list. Skyward Balloons lets you avail of the opportunity to schedule a flight at sunrise. Yes, it’s pretty early, but it will also be the most spectacular view of the entire Cambridge at your feet!

You can learn a lot about your partner on the ride while you make an effort to impress her. If the weather is right, this is possibly one of the romantic (and exciting) things to plan to have a memorable moment.

· Pamper with Spa

Why not spend a relaxing evening at Langdon Hall with the outward massages? Obviously, you have to plan it with your partner. Giving such a surprise is will make them more than happy even Cambridge limo cant outdone the perks of relaxing massage therapy. A little pampering for yourself and your partner should never be taken out of the account. A steam room, hot tub, saunas, lounging area etc. is just the beginning of long muscle relaxant hours.

With special amenities and professional staff, you will enjoy a relaxing time, later onwards can be carried out with a three-course meal dinner.


What matters most at the end of the day is no matter how big or small your plans are for the day, you can always make it count with the right person.

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