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Studying abroad can be a very good experience for the student and he can learn a lot of new things in abroad. The decision of choosing the University depends entirely on the student. Pursuing MBBS in abroad can be a totally new experience for the student. If a person is deciding to leave their home country in order to study abroad then it is a very big step. Many of the prospective students wonder what is the benefit of leaving the comforts when they are at home and they have to move abroad and study at a Russian university. But the students who have studied in Russian University has experienced it then they it is loud and clear that they love the experience specifically because of everything that the university offers them that staying in their native country cannot. The student specially come to study MBBS in Russia.



The students love to study MBBS in Russia as quality education is provided there. So, why a person does not consider travelling the whole world and earning a degree while the student is at it? If the student wishes to pursue the MBBS in abroad then there many advantages associated with the degree as the MBBS degree is accepted worldwide.

There are many advantages of pursuing MBBS in abroad. If you pursue MBBS in abroad, then your career will be dedicated to saving lives and improving the healthcare. By pursuing MBBS in abroad you will definitely have a sustainable future and the quality of your life will also be improved.

Here are the 7 reasons to Study a MBBS for Sustainable Future:

  1. You’ll study the human body – inside and out

Are you in awe by the complexity of the human skeleton? Do you wish to learn the name of every bone, their shapes and sizes by heart? If yes then the MBBS in abroad is the best option for you. By pursuing MBBS in abroad you will be able to have clear understanding of the inner workings of the kidneys, lungs, the human brain, and every little cog that is essential for keeping the organism functioning like it should. Studying MBBS means that you will be studying each and everything in detail.

  1. You’ll have perfect job security, even during the post-apocalypse

The stability in a medical job is perfect and the salaries of doctors are highly commendable. And to no astonishment the doctors get good salaries during the post apocalypse too. The doctors have very good reputation as they are the ones who keep the people alive and healthy. The doctors require excellent leadership and communication skills and a lot of bedside manners. They need to operate very effectively as messing up may cost the lives of the person.

  1. You can study Medicine anywhere in the world!

The best thing about the MBBS degree is that you can pursue MBBS from any part of the world apart from your home country also. Many of the students opt to pursue MBBS in abroad. The next best thing is that you can work as a doctor in any part of the world as each and every country always need a doctor.


  1. You’ll be a scientist!

Yes! You will be a scientist. The field of medicine has developed a lot in the recent years and now it can be easily said that the medicine is now an established science. But science always keeps growing and developing, and that’s the job of the medical researcher. This is a career you can start preparing for even starting with your Bachelor’s while preparing to work with the best and brightest minds.

And there are still some many mysterious medical conditions to be explained! For example, you can legitimately research why people turn into werewolves. Patients suffering from Hypertrichosis, or Werewolf Syndrome, have hair growing all over their bodies, and the condition can be both inherited and acquired. Some people actually get it as a side effect of anti-balding treatment. So, it’s technically much easier to become a werewolf than a vampire.

Or you could totally focus on finding lasting remedies for terrible diseases like cancer, or viral diseases that develop and mutate and might become dangerous for the global population.

Sci-Fi has become a reality for a while now in the field of medicine.

  1. You’ll have the latest technology at your fingertips

Forget the new iPhone 8, I’ve got a new surgery robot! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Governments and companies are investing heavily in medical technology, meaning you’ll always have the best tools to do your job with and no place for error.

Take your pick from state-of-the-art prosthetics, 3D printed organs (and actual 3D printing with biomaterials), devices that analyse your vocal features to diagnose your health, wearable diagnosis sensors, food scanners that tell you what’s in your food, you name it.


  1. Endless paths and specialisations you can pick from…

There are many specialisations from which you can choose from. Also there is enough time to find what will suit you the best. The fields from which you can choose from are;

  • Biomedicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Nutrition
  • Toxicology
  • Dentistry
  • Physiotherapy

But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget about: Gerontology, Oncology, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Endocrinology, Neurology, Sports Medicine, Genetics, or Intensive Care.

  1. You’ll never stop learning – and that’s a good thing!

One of the best things about the MBBS in abroad is that you will never stop learning. You will always continue to learn more and more new things at each and every phase of the life. You will never get at that stage of life where you will be confident enough to say that you know everything about the medicines. You need to always remain in touch with the new discoveries and the procedures. So, you can rest assured you will never get bored. While pursuing MBBS in abroad you will always get to learn from your teachers and your colleagues.


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