Business ideas for writing European funds projects

Do you want to start your own business and become your own boss? Writing  European funds projects is a good place to start. Since the European Union offers up to 1 million euros for promising business ideas, go ahead and start writing European funds projects. If your project is eligible, you’ll receive the financing you need for implementing the business of your dreams.


Writing European funds projects for agricultural businesses

Agriculture is a generous field for those interested in accessing European funds projects. You can start growing herbs, such as basil, parsley, and mint or you can opt for mushrooms farming. You can grow various types of mushrooms that are extremely appreciated for their taste and nutritional values.

When it comes to agriculture, the sky is the limit. You can produce honey or beeswax or soy or you can start your own dairy farm, where you can produce milk, cheese, and similar products. Other activities, like vegetable farming, fish farming, livestock feed manufacturing or even worm farming, can be a good choice for you. Writing European funds projects for agricultural business ensures all the financing you need for profitable activity.


Other inspired business ideas

There are so many things you can start writing European funds projects for. For instance, you can open a tailor shop, where you can create clothes. You need 2-3 sewing machines at first and as the business grows, you can buy more equipment. The request for beautifully created clothes will always be large.

How about writing European funds projects for opening a wooden-toys factory. If you are a talented carpenter, test your imagination and create attractive wooden toys that children will love. You can produce wooden cars, doll’s houses, cubes and puzzles that are safe and fun to play with.

Another business you can start with European financing is a natural soap factory. People love natural things, whether it is their food or the cosmetic products they use. Therefore, a natural shop factory could be a good idea. Also, you can open a medical practice, a restaurant or you can offer catering services. The choice is yours, depending on your passions, knowledge, and experience.

Odas Global Consulting can write the project for your business

Writing European funds projects can be easy for some of you, but difficult for others. When you want to start your own business, but need help writing the project, you can contact Odas Global Consulting. This consultancy company has a team of experienced consultants that work with European funds for more than 16 years.

In this time, they wrote 281 of successful projects and are capable of writing projects that will make your business idea glow. With the perfect project, your business can receive the financing it needs to develop. Odas Global Consulting consultants offer step-by-step assistance at each stage that you go through, from identifying the eligibility of your project to submitting the documents, writing the project, implementing and monitoring it.

Don’t waste your good business idea and start working on your successful European project!

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