Best Reasons For Upgrading To Next-Gen Firewalls

When was the last time you looked into upgrading your firewall protection? Security and protection against digital threats such as hacking, viruses, and malware are a major risk for businesses. There are many reasons for this including the theft of sensitive data and blackmail. This is why many businesses, large and small, choose the affordable and stress-free option of turning to a managed IT service provider.

If you think your business is due for an upgrade, here are the main reasons for upgrading to next-gen firewalls:

  • Improved protection and security

Next-generation firewalls have much better security capabilities as opposed to traditional firewalls, which would block and filter any forbidden packets by port or protocol. However, more advanced firewalls can inspect packets right down to the application layer. This provides a range of security benefits such as having an integrated security solution all-in-one, rather than needing multiple solutions.

One of the biggest benefits is that next-generation firewalls are designed to prevent digital attacks on the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) on layers four to seven, which traditional firewalls are not. Businesses can also respond quicker to any digital threats, as well as new threats as they emerge.

  • Enhanced control over your business network

The websites and apps your staff access on the business network can contain hidden threats that can blindside traditional firewalls. This used to lead businesses to enforce rules such as advising staff not to visit certain websites that were deemed unsafe.

Next-gen firewalls enable businesses to have a high level of control over who is accessing applications over the network and what they are accessing. You can then simply create a list of apps and websites that become instantly blocked when being attempted to access. You can even block certain parts of a website and allow access to pages that are deemed safe.

  • Ideal for BYOD

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is becoming common practice for many businesses to allow staff to use their personal mobile phone for work purposes. This is difficult to manage with traditional firewalls.

With next-generation firewalls, you can easily create a private and secure connection with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) over the public network. A VPN will also protect your business’s original IP (Internet Protocol) address with a temporary one. This allows you and your staff to share and transmit sensitive company data over the network without the risk of outside threats such as hackers.

  • Advanced preventative measures

Next-generation firewalls don’t allow you to simply just block a website that is deemed unsafe. They also have advanced preventative measures to ensure the same mistakes don’t keep happening.

They do this with data processing such as intrusion prevention and deep packet inspection. The next-gen firewall will closely monitor and examine all network traffic to identify any repeated or familiar patterns that may indicate suspicious or harmful activity.

If you think that your business is due for a security upgrade, search online for a managed IT service provider who can supply you with the latest next-gen firewalls today.

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