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European funds consultancy for opening an agricultural business

Have you decided to start your own business, but you are still undecided on which is the most appropriate idea. There are many good ideas you can use for starting your business, depending on your knowledge and experience. After choosing the idea of your projects, ask for European funds consultancy and get the best advice for your business.


Growing plants – perfect agricultural business

No matter how many agricultural businesses there are, there is always room for others. Therefore, you can never go wrong with growing plant businesses. You can grow parsley, mint or basil, as well as oregano, coriander, tarragon, thyme, and rosemary. These plants are easy to grow, and if you respect the European standards, you can sell them not only to local buyers but also to those on the international market. Vegetable farming is another type of agricultural business you can start getting European funds consultancy. Therefore, go and plant tomatoes, carrots, onion, celery, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli or parsnip. Regardless of the type of vegetable you want to plant, it is possible to get European funding. If you have a generous piece of land, cultivate cereals, such as wheat, barley or corn. Equally inspiring is the cultivation of beans, lentils or grams. The possibilities are endless. You could also try dairy farming, which allows you to produce cheese, milk and similar products. European Union offers money for rabbit raising, mushroom farming, honey and beeswax production, soy production, juice and jam production, as well as nut processing and meatpacking.


European funds consultancy services

When writing your own project for getting European financing is difficult for you, choose to work with a company that offers European funds consultancy services. Such a company offers all the services you need for starting a successful business with European funds. Odas Global Consulting is a company that offers complete European funds consultancy services.

As a beneficiary of Odas Global Consulting fonduri europene services, you receive assistance in submitting additional information requested by the financer, support during the entire process of preparing the documents, financial and economic assistance, implementation of the project, as well as establishing the roles and the responsibilities within the projects, creating risks analysis and execution monitoring.

With Odas you get step-by-step-assistance during the entire collaboration, concerning the European funds’ consultancy services. If you need help with the implementation of the project and its monitoring, Odas consultants can help you. They have 285 winning projects and 445 satisfied clients. Starting with 2003, Odas offers business consultancy services in various fields, including health, commerce, telecommunication, technology, petrochemical, consumer goods, science, cybersecurity, and environmental services. Beginning with 2013, they offer European funds consultancy, in which time they attracted more than 350 million euros.

All the consultants who form Odas team are eager to help – you develop your business with European funding. Don’t hesitate to start your agricultural business and change your life, with Odas services. Starting a successful and flourishing business is easier than ever due to Odas complete consultancy services!

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