Some things medical students need to know

Being a medical student is hard work. There is a lot of material needed to be studied and it often involves sleepless nights.

The studies are strenuous and can be tiring. Yet, the field has its own fun part which no one gets to see.

There has been a considerable presence of myths surrounding students of medicine and the field itself.

A lot of students often think twice before entering the field, fearing that if they do not progress then such an expense becomes unnecessary and hard to pay back.

However, those who have a strong aptitude for medicine need to know that this discipline is lengthy, strenuous and lovable.

It is a career path that is quite rewarding.

Being an alumnus of the best Caribbean medical university, I will now let us have a look at things you need to know:

What you learn here, you will use for the rest of your life

Its true! And this point cannot be overlooked!

Yes, pre-med is the gateway to medicine but once the student enters medicine, he/she will learn things that will be helpful in life.

The medical student will be studying anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, medicine, pathology, surgery, and other core & elective subjects diligently and wholeheartedly.

Whatever they study will help them diagnose, understand and treat an ailment a person faces.

The materials students of medicine study are not for the sake of exams or the degree but rather for helping improve the quality of life and the field of medicine itself.

It is hard work, without a doubt

The field of medicine comes in with certain expectations and it is true without a doubt that students need to study and work hard in this field.

Long hours of lectures, long hours of studying comprehensive notes, attending practical sessions and staying active, healthy and fit during all this is tough.

Yet, workload varies depending on what students study.

A good thing is that burnout among medical students is closely monitored.

This also helps educationists in medicine understand the worth of intellect over GPA.

Medicine students can always enjoy life’s things

The field is not always strenuous. Students can get time in enjoying the best things life has to offer by participating in societies, sports teams, and other activities.

They can even take time out in watching a movie, cooking a delicious dish, play some video games, read something else, or best; catch up on lost sleep.

Medical students have a life other than medicine

Students of medicine can take their minds off their studies and work so they can fulfill personal commitments and other developments.

They can work on skills outside their academic domain so they can become effective physicians.

Anatomy is beyond just mere imagery and text

Anatomy is a practical lesson in medicine and surgery, and in fact, it is beyond just pictures.

Apart from cutting open cadavers in practical sessions which can become unpleasant sometimes, it is in its own sense a fun lesson.

Apart from understanding the human body, students get to understand organs in various states.

Now, with augmented reality coming with other advanced computing technologies, students no longer need to cut up cadavers and in fact, can learn more about the body with relative ease.

Students will have some of their close friends studying medicine

For a student studying medicine, nothing can be more heartening than to see some of their close friends studying the same discipline as them.

Though they may not choose the exact same specialty as the student, they still can get to improve their concepts and skills.

These friends can be from school, high school, pre-med or from the varsity’s basketball team, the debate society and vice versa.

At times, conversations can become geeky and nerdy, but this is the true essence of friendship.

In fact, it is a good way of revisiting previous lectures.

Through lighthearted discussions, previous concepts can be revisited with relative ease.

Staying up to date with the latest medical research

Medical students can always be upfront with the latest in medical research through access to some of the best and latest research papers, medical journals and the like.

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