The Key to Optimizing Old WordPress Blog Content

WordPress is one of the most renowned content management systems to emerge over the past decade. A lot of businesses use this open-source blogging website to frequently give their target audiences fresh and valuable content. However, with the widespread use of WordPress customization, it is becoming difficult for marketers to optimize their old WordPress blog posts. Here’s the key to optimizing old WordPress blog content-

Prioritizing on Which Posts Need Updating

Frequent bloggers are bound to have accumulated several posts. Updating all blog posts is not practical. Google Analytics for WordPress gives users the ability to recognize which web pages are producing the most traffic. Bloggers should prioritize on updating the ones with the most views first and Google Analytics, one of the best plugins on WordPress is the ideal tool for that.

Updating Old Information on Blog Posts

One trait of a decent blog post is its ability to deliver readers with up to date tips and methods to deliver solutions for a particular difficulty. But, time flies fast on the internet. Old posts with old information are bound to be lost forever unless they are refurbished and made up to date with modern and relevant information. If the amendments are minor, simply editing the old blog posts and republishing them is the perfect solution. Remember to add a disclaimer about the changes.

Fixing Broken Links

One of the key issues with old blog posts is that they are almost always full of broken links – both internal and external in most cases. Regardless of the reason, having a broken link on a blog post gives the reader the impression of unprofessionalism. Fixing broken links is a crucial aspect of optimizing old WordPress Blog Content.

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Creating a brand new website? Here are some SEO essentials

Are you thinking of launching a new website? Make sure you are SEO ready in order to get it right. This is the way forward in cut-throat online competition. Follow some simple guidelines to get going.

Attractive title tag. This is part of your landing page appeal, as well as each subsequent page.  Having an attractive title tag is most important to grab eyeballs. The title should tell what to expect in the page.

Great Meta description. Once the visitor is past the title, make sure you have a robust Meta description.  Let the visitor know what they are in for with an apt description. This is a way to gain and retain interest.

Host on dedicated sites. This is essential to boost your rankings. Make sure your website shows up on specific sites. A dedicated IP goes a long way in stamping your presence in the top rankings.

Customizable site.  Build your website so that it is easily customizable. You should be able to make it more navigation friendly when you choose. Also the ability to work on internal links to make them more rank-friendly to SEO. Another way you ought to customize is providing readable links rather than a garbled link; something that will tell the reader what to expect in a link.

Must be mobile friendly. Increasing numbers of people are accessing websites from their mobile devices.  This makes it essential to create a website that is mobile friendly.  You will need to work on this aspect. Channel the numbers of ways in which your website can be more easily navigable and attractive to a mobile user.

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