6 Ways to Maximize Your Solar Panel

The past few years have been great when it comes to the solar energy industry. Many houses and businesses have already invested in at least one solar panel, some for a trial run and some for a real goal of eliminating the need for traditional electricity providers.

Since most people who have a solar panel try their best to totally zero out their electric bill, they have come up with a list of things to do in order to maximize their solar panel. Here are six of them.


Take Advantage of the Day Time

Solar panels generate energy during the daytime—basically whenever the sun is up. This means they’ll be the most efficient during the day.


Use the daytime to power up most, if not all of your appliances and gadgets. Use this time to charge your phones and laptops and to use appliances that consume large amounts of energy. After you use them, be sure to unplug the appliances so that they won’t take up any more energy than they need.


Once night falls, limit your usage to those that you’ve charged during the day.


Optimize Solar Panel Placement

Solar panels need to be put on your roof or at the side of your home so that it can be hit by sunlight. However, if you stop at that point, you basically leave the solar panels and hope that it gets sunlight.


Think of it this way, unless your solar panel lies flat on the top of your house, it’s possible that it isn’t getting as much sunlight as it possibly can. Make sure that your solar panels are positioned so that they are able to receive sunlight for the large majority of the day.


For example, if you were planning on tilting the solar panel, make sure that it’s tilted towards the east since that’s where the sun will come up first. Don’t position your solar panel carelessly.


Limit Device Usage

If you want to fully make use of just solar energy, then it’s better if you start restricting your usage of gadgets and other high-voltage appliances. It’s best to use one at a time to prevent you from overloading the system and potentially force your electrical system to get energy from the grid.


This doesn’t apply to your smaller gadgets or those that don’t consume to much electricity. Which means charging your appliances is still fine.


The ones that you shouldn’t use at the same time are your washing machine and dishwasher, your heater and oven, and other large appliances.


Keep Panels Clean

In order to ensure that your solar panels continue to receive as much sunlight as they possibly can, you have to keep your solar panels free from dirt. Bear in mind that solar panels already have some hardy protective gear all around them. 


However, after a few months left alone at the top of your house, it might accumulate some dust particles.


As long as they’re on the outside of your solar panel, then just a light swipe would clean it perfectly. 


However, if dust particles begin to enter the inner mechanisms of the solar panel, then you might have to bring it to your provider, especially if the solar panel seems to be becoming less efficient as time goes by.


Make Use of a Storage Battery

Some solar energy systems are compatible with storage batteries that let you save up energy to use during the night. That being said, it does take a lot of solar panels to fully power a battery. However, when you have a battery fully energized, it can have a great influence on your whole electric bill.


Consider this, most families aren’t home during the day. So in order to maximize your solar energy collection during the day, you have to set up timers or smart appliances that you can power on and off while you’re off at work.


If you have a battery, you can focus your solar panels on just storing energy then use it up when your family is at home, mostly during the night.


Inspect your Energy Usage

After all of this, it’s also a good idea to make sure you audit your energy consumption. In doing so, you’ll understand just how much energy you are using and how much you can still save after a few improvements to your solar energy system.


Key Takeaway

Solar energy is the future of the energy industry, and the distribution and maximization of solar panels are where every family will start. 


That being said, even now, there’s no standard procedure on how you can use your solar panels as efficiently as possible.


The points we have here today are collected from different people who have given their opinions on how you can maximize your solar panel. Try them out for yourself!

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