Places Near Manali for Sightseeing

5 Picturesque Places Near Manali for Sightseeing

1)-Kunzum Pass

Kunzum pass is the world dangerous pass in the world. This pass is situated at nearer Lahaul and Spiti which is the way to reach there. Before this pass there is one temple of Kunzum Malta is established where several tourists or experienced drivers which will pass from this pass like to stay there for pray their and get blessings of Mata. Several like to visit this pass to enjoy the adventurous moments of their rides. Harley Davidson and Royal Enfields types of bikes like to use by visitors. The height of this pass is 4590 m which is very dangerous and daring part of traveling. There is a lack of moon is called as Chandratal lake where people like to visit there for camping and trekking there.

2)-Parvati Valley

Parvati valley is situated at around Kullu at Himachal Pradesh. Several people like to reach these types of places where they feel good and amazing. Some of the family members and friends like to wander there were mostly like to capture snaps for their loving memories of their life. There are several devotional points where everyone like to go there like Kheerganga which is the very holy water where people like to take light bath for neutral their mental emotions by which they feel calm. There are the some places where people like to do trekking around for their curiosity which make them feel adorable.

3)-Solang Valley

Solang valley is the place where several people like to visit there from the different parts of India. This place is known as fen- land. According to conditions of seasons the activities of adventures participate by visitors. In summer there are some activities like zombies in which the people like to shoot in spherical ball which roll up to 200 m which create hooting and shouting. some people like to do climbing on high heels for capture the top view of this site. Most of the people like to fly by which they like to participate in para- gliding in which they like to jump from the high point of hill and fly with parachutes which is very exciting.Adventures create some interest in the minds of tourists.

4)-Rohtang Pass

Rohtang Pass is situated at 52 km from Manali. This the place which is most-visited by the tourists who will come for Manali from Bangalore. Several people like to visit this place with family members and friends where they like to visit snowy places of Rohtang Pass. Some people excite for water from falls in which people believe it is good for health of human. There are several people like to set their tents for providing some foods for breakfast like Siamese, noodles and tea etc.. some people like to take the rides of yak for their photo-graphy. There are some points where people like to enjoy snow parts where they like to ice-skiing for enjoyment of their life.


Manikaran is the place which is situated at Kullu at Himachal Pradesh. Several people like to visit this place during the traveling Himachal Pradesh with their family members and friends to know about this place. In this place there is nice Gurudwara is established where several people like to visit there. The specialty of this place that the river Parvati is a natural source of hot water, which is used for boiling rice and other types of agricultural products which are valuable. Some people like to do pray in the style of the Sikh religion in which some people guide the tourists about this place and and their is the holy-bath for mens and womens in which people believe all the negative energies of mental body disintegrate in this bath.

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