7 Amazing Custom Made T-Shirts Styles Everyone Should Know

What’s so unique about custom made t-shirts? They can step ahead of the monotony and set a new trend. They surely can be a uniting force and, in cases, an ice-breaker too. Suppose a person is sitting across the room with an image of Trump smoking weed printed on his t-shirt and the text “up above the world, so high!” Its surely is going to make you smile, and that would get both of you talking, especially if it’s a rather formal setting where that person is wearing the tee. And custom tees are the new fashion trend, don them with a suit or whatever suits you the most.

We bring you the all-time 7 of the best custom T-Shirts Online! While most of us would have them in our closet, but if you find any of them missing, order now!

I Love NY

Some trends often outlive the original cause for which they were started. The I Love NY t-shirts are one of them. These are a sure-shot design that you can still find on New York streets. The white fabric with a red heart in the center was initially launched in the year 1977 to promote tourism for New York. They became such a hit that even decades later, people visiting New York bring them as a souvenir.

Pro Tip: A blue denim jacket over the White I Love NY t-shirt with blue denim jeans is the best combination. It’s unisex as well!  

Mickey Mouse

The 1940s, the Disney character first came on screen, a popular cartoon for the children of the era when war was raging across the majority of the world. Mickey Mouse merchandise has always remained one of the best-selling – Disney official stores and locally produced products all age equally popular and is not limited borders. Mickey Mouse custom image t-shirts were something that would have initially been a favorite of children, but fashion is unpredictable – they are now amongst best sellers for teenagers and young adults as well.

Che Guevara

Ah! The irony! The communist leader on one of the best-selling capitalist products. Che Guevara – a warrior, a battle-hardened man and voice for rebellion has lately been the biggest hit in the custom made t-shirts market. This is one unisex fashion; men, women, and teenagers across the world have surely made it a hit design.

What’s funny is that many won’t know the history of the person who’s printed on their chest!

Frankie Say Relax

Rebellion and protests often have been one of the biggest inspirations for popular t-shirt designs. One of them is Frankie Say Relax; it was Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s attempt to take a dig at CNN when it banned its song “explicit” song Relax. The campaign was run with t-shirts printed with the mentioned slogan and was a big hit. Not only did the song become a hit, but the t-shirts became trading in no-time. What’s great about them is that they still have a huge fan following and remain popular amongst people.

Hard Rock Café

As an attempt to make their café a hit, Hard Rock Café launched a series of t-shorts that were unique to each of its 168 outlets. They became a collector’s item for the public, and people were found to collect all of them like the Pokemon Cards collection. And many of us still have quite a few of them ion our closet, even when the campaign has ended years ago, the t-shirts are a hot favorite.


There’s a psychological connection between superheroes and us. We see in them the abilities we wish to have and consider them an ideal. One of the oldest superheroes in the DC Superman. While kids ranted at garments stores for the cape and super suit, elders went for the legendary Superman “S” on their t-shirts. It’s a t-shirt that has been good for all ages and at all times. What’s the best design for the “S”?

A plain blue t-shirt, preferably round-neck with the “S” on the chest.


Like movies, seasons have also been the motivation for some amazing t-short designs. Sheldon Cooper’s “Bazinga” is one of the best-selling t-shirt designs. After the Big Bang Theory aired, many merchandises were produced, of which one of the most popular and still trendy is the “Bazinga” t-shirts.

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