Twist Features into Benefits

Twist Features into Benefits: A Top Way to Boost the Product Sales

Operating business not only needs intellectuality, but it also needs perfect decision-making skills. But, how you engage the customer base to reflect your company’s growth? There are many small as well as big firms that fail to hold the incoming traffic, and lost their way.

For any business, whether it is established or not, managing the customer plays an imperative role. Though there are multiple ways through which you can attract the customers, all matter is how effectively you convert them into the regular buyer.

Let’s turn over eyes on some methods to lure customer. We have mentioned the three most embraced ones:

  • Provide offer
  • Better services
  • Offer discount

It is the most common attracting technique, but there is one method known as “Twist features into benefits”. Let’s have a look at how it can change the whole scenario of your business sales.

What is Twist Features into a benefit?

There is no hard rule to understand. Here, features signify about the product, like its specification, and differences. And the word benefit emphasise on the advantages that a customer can receive from it.

For instance, 

If you are selling a laptop to a customer, then what type of things you will share with him. Things related to the processor, memory, and other technical details. But, most of the salesperson fails to share the importance of it in their life.

Suppose the processor is i7, then you can cover things, like:

  • Fast processing speed
  • Faster running and much more

Now, while sharing such information, you should tell the customer how these things will add value to their life.

You must have found that, in the above example, you are “turning feature into benefits”. It will help you to boost sales and add value to the buyer’s life.

However, it may seem simple, but you have to follow some steps that we have mentioned below.

Vital Strides to Follow While Turning Features Into Benefits

No doubt, this will boost the overall sales and revenue. Now, look at the steps, and follow it does not matter how your current sales condition is.

Hire a team of sales expert 

Selling product is not an easy task. The must-have salesperson skills, like:

  • Communication
  • Humble nature
  • Nice attire and attitude

Though, you may have to invest money to hire a salesperson. It becomes more difficult for those who left their job and start a career in business. Why? They have to manage both financial as well as professional expenditures.

If you are one among those categories, then choosing options, like loans for Unemployed with bad credit score where no guarantor is required may be an ideal choice. In this, you do not have to put the onus on the regular budget.

Add value to customer’s life 

Whenever you sell the product, the buyer will detect the intention. For example, suppose you sell the things forcefully to get profit, then the consumer will never purchase it. Here, you have to realise them that you are adding something in their life.

The goal should be to boost sales by adding price to the customer’s day-to-day life. Never, put sales on the top of the list; treat the consumer like a God.

Communication Should Be Better 

It may happen that the customer did not like the product. He/she can provide feedback, in this situation; you have to take it as a positive. Take their input or view over the product as a beneficiary part.

Once you receive the feedback, then you can apply it in products. So, in future, the product comes with better service and response.

Always Understand the Current Customer Situation 

If you are selling the stuff to one with the poor financial condition, then it will not work. This small mistake will down the customer’s will. So it would be a grand gesture if you ask about their budget.

This technique will help them to feel good about services. And you can quickly sell the product without any rejection.

These are the four steps that can help the firms’ owner to understand “Turn Features Into Benefit” technique. Conversely, it will take a lot of intellectuality, and efforts, but the final result will be mind-blowing for you. Follow it, and increase your sales.

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