Best Wrestling Games Online-Top 8

Wrestling is a wonderful sport that millions of people around the world follow. The top online wrestling games are as follows:

Total Smashout :

Total Smash out is an amazing wrestling game. The game is like a gladiator in which players should stay on the platform in combat to fight multiple waves of enemies. It is the most entertaining and action-packed game. The mission is to knock out before thy have a chance to catch you. The game offers countless combo actions as well as weapon and upgrade combos. Be the last person to stand and try to use your highest reaction and combat strategy. Try to get on the global scoreboard and win at the first place. You can become the best gladiator in this game.  Play this game online by subscribing the high-speed internet services in my area.

WrestleUp :

Wrestle Up is a most entertaining and exciting wrestling game. It is a 3D, high resolution graphic game. The game is all about to hit your enemies harder to win with a rope. This is one of the most amazing game you can easily play on your mobile, tablets, laptops and computer. Internet services in my area offers a fast servers, the most reliable connection and also offers an amazing platform for the best free online wrestling games.

WWF No Mercy: 

WWF games is all about hard fights inside and outside the WWF. You can create your own wrestler and turn into the best fear-provoking and popular combatant ever. WWF No Mercy is a professional video game based on practiced wrestling. This is one of the top online game, it was released in 2000. The game is a sequel to the WWF WrestleMania game from 1999. The game also has many unlockable wrestlers and the ability to create female wrestlers.

Puppet Wrestling :

Puppet Wrestling is a 2-player fighting game in which two players bump into each other until they lose their balance and injure their heads. In this game you have to push, pull, tilt to smash dolls against the wall or to smash all doll heads on the floor. Each puppet’s damage is shown in the bar at the top of the screen. Push your opponent’s head until it touches the floor or wall and remove your head to get points.

MFS: MMA Fighter :

MFS: MMA Fighter is a 3D fighting game in which you can conduct real MMA fights. Besides the normal single player mode, you can also try multi-player games. So you can fight against players from all over the world or work with friends. When it comes to fighting yourself, the game offers great animation and effective combat systems. In combat, you need to consider and prevent the enemy from beating and attack when the time has come.

Wack Wrestling Challenge :

Wack Wrestling Challenge is a 2 player wrestling video game with strange art and graphics and strange characters. This game is an easy to use wrestling fighting game with no story or arcade mode. In this game, all you have to do is choose a character and defeat your opponent in style. Play with computer AI or friends on the same computer. Fist, kick and block your way to victory.

Wrassling :

Wrassling is a crazy 2 player fighting game with a funny stickman. Get ready to challenge your friends in the ring! The mission is to get your opponent out of trouble. You can move forward or backward, hold your opponent with your arm or throw them out of the circle.

Mixed Macho Arts :

Mixed Macho Arts is a 2D fighting game in which you have to play a warrior and he has to try to throw his opponent off the platform. The first person to win three games wins. Control in Mixed Macho Arts is relatively simple, but strange. The fighter can move left and right, but you have no attack buttons. Instead, each time you touch an enemy, you grab it and have a chance to knock it off the platform. Mixed Macho Arts is a quirky and entertaining game that contains some very good pixelated graphics. The fighters and scenes change randomly with every new fight, so you always have several options.

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