How To Safely Clean Your Car Interior From Greasy Stubborn Fingerprint Marks

car interior detailing

One of the most common complaints from car owners, when they have left the car at the local auto shop for a car service, is, ‘how do I clean the grease left behind by the technicians and mechanics?’.

Especially against a beige or light interior, greasy black fingerprints can be seen from a mile away. If you are in a similar situation where you have grease marks on your roof lining, car seats or side panels, then you are in good hands. Find out the safe way to interior car detailing after it’s been exposed to dirty greasy hands.

For starters here is what you will need:

  • All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Magic Eraser
  • Microfibre Towels
  • Degreaser
  • Detailing Brush (light bristle)

Now to start off, it takes a bit of trial and error, so always begin in a not so obvious area to do a test panel. You never know what else could be stuck on your car interior and because of this, it may cause an unexpected chemical reaction.

So let us begin!
  1. Dilute the  All-Purpose Cleaner in a spray bottle roughly of about 1:10 with water and concentrate. You want to start with a light dilution and work your way up from least to most aggressive. The last thing you want to happen is further damage to the textural integrity of your interior.
  2. Spray lightly on to your detailing brush and swirl around any grease marks you find. Agitate the area to loosen up the bind between grease and fabric/plastic. Once it turns to a sort of soapy white, use the clean microfibre towel to dab clean.
  3. If it does not come out you have two options. Either you increase your dilution of concentrate or keep repeating the same step above with extra passes until it fades away.
Magic eraser and spray the APC
  1. Now if the grease marks are on non-fabric areas such as the door panel or plastic trims, this is where a magic eraser comes in handy. Although it seems like a fragile sponge, it actually works as a mild abrasive cleaner, it lightly sands down the surface. So, take caution by not exerting too much pressure.
  2. Use the magic eraser and spray the APC on to the eraser or surface and work your way through the grease. Buff off the excess with a towel and examine the results. If in the worst-case scenario you are dealing with heavy stubborn grease marks that have been left there for who knows how long, you can always use a degreaser. Just as the name says, it is a great cleaning agent against grease, but can be very strong to the point that it eats through the plastic. So once again like the APC, start with a light dilution and work your way up.

Greasy fingerprints in your car? Say no more, you are now well equipped with the knowledge to restore that interior to new in no time.

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