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Coronavirus Update- Recent Condition Of The Whole World

Coronavirus update is available on the WHO site. Coronavirus transmitting between animals and people due to its zoonotic features. In the recent investigation, it is found that the transmission of SARS-CoV was started from civet cats to humans.

Just like that transmission of MERS-CoV was started from camels to humans. It is also being said that several known coronaviruses are circulating in the animal that has chances to infect human beings. It has not yet infected human beings.

Public health group organizations such as the World Health Organization(WHO) and the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC). They are monitoring the current situation and updating the post on their sites.

Sign and symptoms

update coronavirus

A most common sign of coronavirus includes cough, fever, respiratory symptoms, shortness of breathing or difficulty while breathing. If these symptoms are not caught and treated at the right time then it can cause pneumonia, acute respiratory syndrome, kidney failure, and even death.

Sign and symptoms of coronavirus infection may usually appear after two to fourteen days of exposure. It is very easy to grow for coronavirus to the people having several medical conditions. Children or older aged person can be infected quickly as their immune system are week.

Expert recommendation to prevent this virus

Expert recommended preventing these viruses by covering mouth and nose with a mask, regular hand washing, using tissue for cover while sneezing and coughing, cooking meat and egg properly before eating. Avoid direct contact with the persons having these symptoms of coronavirus.

There are some foods to avoid in coronavirus. Although there is no inoculation yet to prevent infection of coronaviruses, we can take these steps to prevent this coronavirus disease to reduce its risk of infection.

  1. Do not share any household items like dishes, glass or bedding if you are ill.
  2. Clean and disinfect the surface around you.
  3. Avoid contact with a person having symptoms.
  4. Delete the habit of touching your face without washing hands.
  5. Stay at home if you are not feeling well or you are seeking.
  6. Sanitize your hand frequently with soap and water or sanitizer.

Recommendations Of WHO(WorldHelthOrganion)


World Health Organisation taking absorbing all the conditions of this new coronavirus posting update on their site.According to their absorptions. They recommend some tips to adopt for the prevention of this virus.

  1. Immediately contact your doctor if you have any symptoms of these viruses.
  2. Stop eating raw and uncooked meat or animal products.
  3. Avoid contact with animals in the area that have recently had cases of coronavirus.
  4. Keep yourself hygiene and clean to avoid the infection.

When to seek a doctor

seek a doctor

If you have symptoms of infection with these coronaviruses then immediately contact your doctor. The risk factor will increases when you exposed to this virus.

Tell your doctor about your traveling and journey wherever you went. Chances of virus get increases if you have been traveling internationally.

The doctor will ask about your recent travel and possible exposure before going for an appointment. Do not ignore any symptoms of this virus and take action at the right time to prevent any serious health issues.

Risk factors

risk factor

People having other existing medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, may have a higher risk of getting infected with the new coronavirus. However, there are still many unknown factors in this virus.

Also, the risk factor for coronavirus depends upon the area and place because it is a contagious disease. The chances of getting infected by this new coronavirus get increases in young people according to the research. Risk factors for this infection get an increase in these points.

  1. If having contact with someone who has this virus.
  2. A recent journey to or from China.


The overall motive of this blog to keep you safe from these coronaviruses. Do check the latest update of coronavirus on public health organization platforms such as the World Health Organization,(WHO) or the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC).

Read the whole article about coronavirus: everything you need to know about it, to get better knowledge about this virus. For any query related to this article please feel free to drop a message down below.

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