Difference Between Polyester and Vinyl Stickers

Difference Between Polyester and Vinyl Stickers

The idea before making any sticker, it is important to have clear ideas and know what we want to achieve with custom stickers. How many stickers do we want to make? How will they be used? What kind of sticker suits our activity?


The type of sticker

Not all stickers are the same. We need to know what kind of material we want, shape, size, and type of cut. The most known and appreciated material is undoubtedly vinyl. It is the material most chosen by the buyer.

Because it is resistant and with a perfect finish. A solution for a more economical production for many units may be polyester. If you want to delve into the difference between vinyl stickers and polyester stickers.


Difference Between Polyester and Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers are versatile and stand out for their highest quality. Resistant, durable, and with great adhesion capacity, these stickers are perfect for your smooth surfaces, shop windows,

glass, furniture, packaging, and you can choose if you prefer them for indoor and outdoor spaces, which hold even water. Polyester stickers are superior to paper stickers, the perfect solution if you are looking for an alternative medium between vinyl stickers and other standards.



The polyester printed with the latest generation of laser printers that print on the material thickness of 58 .mu.m. The technical efficiency of printing facilitates the production of large quantities. Vinyl adhesives are printed with Inkjet technology on a material of 80 μm thick, the definition is impeccable, as is the vinyl cut that is made in a personalized way and with maximum precision.


Because of the type of material and the ease of distribution, polyester stickers represent an economical solution when we choose adhesives for promotions or campaigns to create a great impact. Vinyl stickers for their excellent quality are the perfect choice to give a touch of

style to your message and especially to signal spaces. Both options have custom

prices depending on the quantity.


How to create custom stickers Once we have the design and type of sticker we want; we can continue with the creation.

1- We will enter the web and choose the type of stickers we want to create

2 – We will choose the shape, the edges, other details of the print and, finally, the quantity

3 – Then, in the MojoSticker area of ​​creation, we can add the design or image, and we can modify them and add text, icon or templates at any time.

4 – After creating our stickers, we will have to add the shipping data and select the type of delivery, then proceed to finalize the order with the payment.

Interesting this topic and useful. If you’re curious about the world of stickers.

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