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How to Find The Right Partner for you

It is an art to choose the right person to be your partner for the right reasons. The main reason for the high divorce rate is that people jump into the relationship too soon and for all the wrong reasons. And so, it makes all the more sense that you take time and choose the right person at the right time and for all the right reasons for a fulfilling and everlasting relationship. So, what should be the base to find the right partner for you?


Don’t Let Fear Guide You

Many times, people pick someone because they just want to get married and stay in an unsatisfying relationship because what would others say or for the fear of being lonely. Fear could be different for different people. Don’t let the fear of being lonely or any kind of fear for that matter guide you. It is better to be alone for a while to find the right person who will fill all the voids in your life and make you feel loved and complete.


Don’t Get Committed Too Quickly

Sometimes, you might meet someone with whom you will feel a fiery connection instantly. And at that moment, you will be tempted to get committed quickly. But don’t be hasty. You hardly know that person and you are getting emotionally invested in them. In time, you might get to know something about that person that you don’t really like or feel entirely incompatible. And at that time, it will hurt you even more because you became so much emotionally attached in such a short time. So, take time to know the person before giving it your whole heart and effort. Don’t let lust or fantasy guide you. Be patient and remain grounded before you become seriously committed. Take time to decide if you are on the track of a long term relationship or not?


Give Them A Chance

We all have someone in our lives with whom “ we wouldn’t go out even if they are the last person on the Earth” because of many reasons. One of the main reasons is always because they aren’t our type. Give them a chance, get to know them. Sometimes the attraction grows when you get to know someone. It might take a lot of time to get to know some people because they might be introvert or shy and so, they take time to open up and show you their real selves.


Don’t Rely On Checklists

Many carry a checklist of qualities that their partners must or must not have. If you restrict yourself to these lists, you are bound to miss out on some of the best matches for you. You can’t find a partner that fits perfectly into your checklist. And when you think you have found someone according to the list, you become careless and neglect some qualities that might not be desirable. You must be compatible emotionally for a great relationship. And judge the person on how they make you feel, not on how they fit your checklist.


Notice Qualities That Matter In A Good Relationship

In a person, look for qualities like empathy, kindness, honesty, reliability, integrity, emotional generosity, etc. These are the qualities that create a base, a strong foundation for a good relationship. If you find these qualities in someone, pursue them, even if they don’t look like your type from above. Let go of tiny details like humour, dancer, traveller, adventurer, etc. These are good additions to the qualities of a person but are not must-haves for making a relationship happy.


Keeping these few tips in mind to find the right partner will help you in succeeding. These tips will help you find a good relationship and sometimes will surprise you how wrong your perception of someone.

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