The free Remote Desktop Connection Manager for the IT team and network admins

The free Remote Desktop Connection Manager for the IT team and network admins

IT team and network admins perform a very crucial role in fixing technical issues, resolving errors, searching for the core cause of problems, and much more without disturbing the workflow of other people and team members. Doing this can’t be delayed, so you need to do it before error entering and destroying your network. To do so, you can’t get everything in a single place. To access everything in a halt, you can use a remote desktop connection manager. These remote desktop connection managers are available in both free and premium versions. Many free version of remote desktop connection managers is available that provides a good user experience. It helps you to access your or another computer while physically sitting somewhere else. You can use this software using your phones and laptops. It is a very beneficial tool that allows you to manage and access your computer’s storage, network, and much more.


Buying a free or premium version of a remote desktop connection manager depends upon your needs and budget. Although the free version also provides us with satisfactory features that can help you do your job smoothly. With the start of the new year, the development of many new technologies and new remote desktop connection managers came into the market. Let’s have a look at the top free remote desktop connection manager that can make your work easy.


Chrome remote desktop:

Chrome remote desktop is a fundamental remote desktop manager that helps you do your job conveniently. Every remote desktop software has some requirements. The requirement for chrome remote desktop includes the installation of chrome on both computers. Working on a chrome remote desktop is very simple. You need to install chrome and extension of the chrome remote desktop on your chrome. Using a unique pin, you can have access to the host’s screen. The most fascinating feature of chrome remote desktop is that you can access the host’s screen with limited features even when the host is not using the chrome or logged in to his account. There are some limitations of the chrome remote desktop that it does not allow file sharing and doesn’t provide you with a quick chat option. Just because of these limitations, we recommend to use it for beginners and at entry-level.


Microsoft remote desktop:

The Microsoft remote desktop is quite similar to the chrome remote desktop due to its features. It is also very simple to use and lets you do your work conveniently. You can connect to your own laptop without any authorization. However, connecting with another host require authorization. It can be operated on any window starting from window 7 on any version that is Enterprise, Ultimate, and professional.

With some convenient features, it also has some limitations that make it reasonable for only certain users. So before choosing it as a tool, it is necessary to study its features and limitations. Using this Microsoft remote desktop, you can connect to Windows PCs using mobile, laptops, and other windows Pcs but not Mac. According to its limitations,  it is suitable only for IT teams and the admin network of a small level, because it does not allow file sharing and other high-level features.


Remote PC:

Remote PC is far better than the Microsoft remote desktop and chrome remote desktop because of its additional features. While working in team communication is very essential. For this purpose Remote PC allows the facility to chat and share files while sharing screens. It does not restrict you to use a laptop or desktop, you can also use it using your phone. It helps you connect to host desktops using a laptop, windows, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. The interface of Remote PC is simple and user-friendly. There is a major limitation of Remote PC that you can store the data of a single user at a time. However, you can connect to different host desktops but cannot store information of all in the long run.



UltraVNC works in a  different way than the above mentioned other free remote desktop connection managers. In order to use this remote desktop manager, you need to download the server and viewer. The server will be installed on the laptop on how’s access is needed, and the viewer will be installed on the laptop who is taking the control. To make the procedure easier and always available, you need to install your server as a system service. Unlike other remote desktop managers, UltraVNC will require some router changes, in order to use it. It provides all the essential features that an IT team or network admin requires. It allows you to chat while sharing screens to make communication easy while finding the solution. It facilitates you with the option to share files and sharing of the clipboard. The software has a user-friendly interface, but the download page is not as good as others.


Remote Utilities:

Remote Utilities is among the best from all the remote desktop managers discussed above. It provides you with essential and satisfactory features free of cost. To use remote utilities and connect to the other PC, you will need to connect through an internet ID. Using the Remote Utilities, you can connect up to ten PCs at a time. To make the service better,  it makes use of various tools to make the pairing process easy. These tools include a viewer, a server, a host, and an RU server. Looking at the features of Remote Utilities, it is the best remote desktop connection manager for personal use and is a good one for enterprise use. It provides you with all of the features that will ease your remote access. The capabilities of Remote Utilities include file sharing, chat options for easy communication, task manager, power control, and much more. The only limitation Remote Utilities has is that only a window user can make use of it.


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