Being Older Can Be Good for Travelling Senior Discounts

Travel discounts sure do make things easier to manage for a lot of people but “senior discounts” are far greater. It’s just not getting any better than this but you need to learn how to get it. This can be a great way to enjoy luxury on a limited budget. These discounts are available at almost all destinations for various travel essentials.

Senior discounts can be commonly found for flights, cheap airport parking deals, hotel rooms, dining options, transportation, and entertainment venues etc. The problem is that most of the seniors that can avail these incredible discounts are not that tech-savvy to be able to find these offers online. They either do not know where to look for them or they just do not ask for it out of certain reservations. This makes it our first step in exploring discount travel offers for older travel enthusiasts.

  • Just Ask for it

Make sure that whenever you plan to travel next ask about “senior discounts”. You could also call them to ask for it. Even some expensive options for accommodations and flights will have certain discount offers for seniors that you only have to ask for to avail.

Running a Google search for “senior discount” can be useful too. All you have to do is to type the words in your web browser along with what you are looking for and where and then click on the results to explore options.

Here are a few simple suggestions for queries to search for senior discounts:

  1. Senior discount for hotels in Dubai
  2. Senior discount for dining in Morocco
  3. Senior discount for flights to Italy from Gatwick Airport

You can replace the destination and find some amazing options. Once you are on a website search for “senior discounts” in the search bar and go from there. If you can’t seem to find details call them on the number on the top of their website and just ask.

Even if you are at your destination and going to take a ferry, ask if they have any senior discounts. At best, you get to save some money and at worst they will excuse you for not having such an offer. Asking is necessary because these discounts, though available everywhere, are not generally publicized therefore asking is the key.

  • Read the Fine Print before Booking

With age-related discounts, older is always better. However, you may need to understand that the criteria for senior discounts may vary for deals so you will need to confirm your eligibility age. They may be from 50, 55, 59, 60, 62, 65 and over so it would be helpful to find out beforehand.

It is also important that you read their terms of eligibility and their discount policies too. At some places you have to ask for it at the time of purchase because they do not readily tell you about any senior discounts they may have. There may also be days when they blackout all discounts, or they could only be availed on certain days of the week. There may also be limitations on the availability and usage of hotel rooms. There might be limited rooms available or designated for this particular discount at a time. You may need to reserve your discounted deal in advance to avail special rates and that may require signing up for it.

      Proof of Age 

To get these special discounts, you may be required to prove your age. Therefore, it would be pertinent to keep your ID card with you to claim them. You should also keep a valid driver’s license, photo ID or Medicare card with you.

     Always Compare

People sometimes assume that senior discounts are the best-priced offer they can get. But it is just not true. Sometimes there are even low-cost options out there that beat senior discounts squarely. But to find them, you may need to compare options for off-site airport parking deals, flights, rooms, dining, transport and entertainment offers. At times, you can also find certain combos for things like flight tickets and accommodations where prices are unbelievably low. Or “two for one” deals for a cruise may be a prudent choice. But you may have to reserve in advance or have to compromise on the days when you can avail them. If your schedule is flexible you get to pay far less than you would if you did not compare Gatwick parking and other facilities.

     Seasonal Price Differences

Travel is greatly affected by the season, with prices for all travel essentials including flight rates, airport parking, Gatwick fares and hotel fares inflating during trip times or holidays. But in shoulder seasons, people don’t travel much due to jobs and routines and these same amenities of travel can be enjoyed at much lower rates. Since seniors do not have such binding obligation they can travel during off-season and benefit from it economically.


Since the availability of these discounts for seniors is random, it would be prudent to ask without hesitation or any embarrassment.

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