How to obtain Scholarship in Canada as an International Student

There are various ways one can obtain a scholarship in Canada as an international student as long as you meet the necessary requirements. These scholarships have helped many students to cater for their education in Canada, and people are still benefitting from it. These scholarships are highly competitive for international students based on the fact many people are after it.

Every year several scholarship opportunities come out for different levels of education such as undergraduates, Masters, and Ph.D. If you are after these various scholarships offered by the Canadian government, you must know the exact registration process, and follow certain principles.

One of the advantages is the money given to the student cannot be refunded. It is meant to help the student cater to his or her education. Every scholarship has its own requirement; therefore, you must abide by the instruction for any you want. There are numerous ways these scholarships are being given to students.

This could be based on academic performance, creative skills, or extracurricular activities. We are going to see some of these scholarships and how to obtain them following their certain rules, and here they are:


  • Excellence Entrance Award:


This scholarship award is being offered by the University of Fraser Valley in Canada. One thing an international student should note it is not full funding (partial funding), and it is issued to Masters Students in all courses. The school provides $10,000 to the student every year to cater to their academic expenses. For you to be eligible for this scholarship, you must have an overall CGPA of 3.5. In order to apply for this, the student must go to the website of the school and download the application form.


  • Trent Scholarships:


This scholarship is being awarded by the Trent University. It offers various funding given to undergraduates, postgraduates, Masters, and Ph.D. students in all courses. They have a fixed sum of money to students to finance their education. For you to be eligible for it, you must have the necessary requirements. You can log into the school website to know more about the school scholarships.


  • Humber Entrance International Scholarships:


This scholarship is being given by Humber College. It provides partial funding for international students who want to do undergraduate programmes. They issue the sum of CAD 2,000 to help students with their tuition fees. This scholarship is available for various degrees such as diploma, advanced diploma, and graduate certificate programs. For you to be eligible for the scholarship, you must have a good CGPA and 6.5 on your IELTS. The applicants must have a referee.


  • International Entrance Scholarship:


This is awarded by University of Regina in Canada, and they offer partial funding for various courses international students want to embark on. They provide the sum of $200,000 each year as tuition fees. It is available for various degree programs to the students. Any student who wants a bachelor’s degree can apply for this job. The student must have performed well in high school (secondary school) in order to get this scholarship.


  • Winnipeg President’s Scholarship:


This scholarship is given by Winnipeg University to international students. It is available for bachelors and Master’s degrees in different courses. The kind of scholarship they offer is partial funding. The sum of $3,500 – $5,000 is being offered to every student, who has met with their criteria. For one to be eligible for Winnipeg University, he or she must have been able to participate in any leadership forums. The form can be filled on the school website.

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Canada has been known for offering numerous scholarships to international students. However, they also offer numerous scholarships in Canada for African students and any candidates who want these scholarships should be fully ready by getting all the required documents and also getting a good CGPA.

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