Cyber sercurity and risk management

Importance of Cyber Security Solutions

Different gadgets surround the world. It means that we are facing a modern time in which everything is on the machine. Just have a look at your own home; there are so many things that are operated by humans using the machines.

We are playing with different technologies every day. There are many appliances in homes that give evidence of living a modern life. The home theatre in the house depends on the satellite. By sitting on couch, we can see the entire universe. We achieve so many things that are elders and ancestor doesn’t? We invent so many things that help us in every aspect of life.

Similarly, in the corporate world, we are dealing with all the things by using information technology, networking, and different software that help us to take the lead in the market. All the information about your organization is stored in your system through data. You can easily retrieve and access your data or information accordingly.

When we talk about gold, it is necessary to consider a thief too. Similarly, when we know about modern terminologies, it is also essential to be secure and safe from cyber thieves and hackers. But with  cyber security and risk management nothing is impossible now.


What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security or Information technology security helps in providing exact the protection to the computer systems and networks. This is basically concerning the theft or damage of hardware, software, and any electronic data. It is a technique that prevents your network and data from being accessed by unauthorized persons. Your data is a sensitive material and should be kept safe from exploitation.


Why do we need to have cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is essential because it helps in protecting your organization’s data assets from the attack that could be damaged by the wrong hands. Government, medical, corporate, and financial records bear personal information.


What are hackers?

A hacker is a person who accesses and retrieves data or information without the permission and consent of a related organization or a person. They are experts and have all the techniques, knowledge of how to access one’s data illegally.


Is hacking a crime?

Hacking is a crime because you are stealing someone’s identity to retrieve his information and want to handle it with the wrong intention.



Why do hackers want to hack?

One of the most common reasons for a hacker to hack the site of an organization is to leak information. They might be paid for it by your rival organizations because the competition is in the air. A lot of hackers also steal information to assume your identity and then use it for their needs like money transferring, taking a loan, using a debit card.

What are the types of Cyber-attacks?

The most common types of Cyber- attacks are:

  • Denial of service attacks: A Denial of service attack is an attack where hackers or attackers attempt to prevent legal use of accessing the service. They send excessive messages on the network or server to authenticate requests that are invalid addresses.
  • Man in the middle attack: As the name defines, a man in the middle attack is an attack by a hacker where the attacker secretly relays and possibly alters the communication between two parties. The parties believe that they are directly connected.
  • Phishing and spear-phishing attack: Phishing is the fraud attempt to obtain personal information like username, password, and credit and debit card details by disguising himself as a trustworthy entity in the network.
  • Drive-by attack:A drive-by shooting is an attack where the user doesn’t have to stop or click anywhere on the malicious page. The hacker embedded or injected malicious objects in the web pages.
  • Password attack: Password attack is an attack where the attacker tries to reveal and then steal your password. He uses a standard list of common words that help him to know and hack the password of the user. He uses the password against accounts in a company.
  • SQL injection attack: SQL injection is a code injection that is inserted in the SQL statements of a database to enter in the field for execution.
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack: In this type of attack, the attackers usually inject malicious script inside the websites. XSS attacks occur when an attacker uses a web application to send codes that are typically in the form of text to different end-users.
  • Eavesdropping attack:An eavesdropping attack, which is also known as a snooping attack is an attack where someone tries to steal information that computers, devices, and smartphones transmit over a network.


What are cybersecurity solutions?

These are the IT solutions to protect your system or site by hackers, fight against malware. It gives control to the employees and customers to access your organization’s data. These are some security tools that help to prevent hacking.


What are the types of Cybersecurity solutions?

  • Critical infrastructure security: It describes as the physical system and asset that is so vital to the state that their incapacity or destruction has a significant impact on economic security or public health or safety, it includes dams, airports, roads. It should be secured in a way that no hackers can detect any system regarding this critical infrastructure security.
  • Application security:Application security is the process of developing, making enhancements and testing security features within the application to prevent protection against threats
  • Network security:Network security consists of the policies and practices that are adopted to monitor unauthorized access to a computer network and network resources.
  • Cloud security: It is the simple cybersecurity solution which refers to a broad set of policies, technologies, and controls utilized to protect virtualized IP address, services. It is the protection of data stored online from theft, leakage, and deletion. The server gives access to authorized users only. Any traffic that the cloud does not approve is blocked and doesn’t allow going to the server.
  • Internet of things security: It is a network of connected devices, each having a unique identification that automatically collects and exchanges data over a system. This security is used in multiple sectors like consumer application, business application, and government application.


What are the benefits of Cybersecurity solutions?

  • It protects against viruses and other unwanted programs.
  • It provides your data to be safe and secured.
  • It gives the protection to your information from theft.
  • Protect the system from hacking.
  • Provide data and system privacy.
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