9 Things You Didn’t Know About Handmade Jewelry

With the coming of so many handmade sites, the purchasing of handmade jewelry has become a new trend. This piece of the gem is like a work of art, made with dedication and love. A handmade gem has a great advantage that it offers personalization and customization which is generally not possible in case of mass-produced jewelry. Also, handcrafted jewelry offers a relatively higher quality.

One more important thing to know is that the person who makes gems with his hands earns great respect. He invests his time, effort and thought in making such beautiful masterpieces of jewelry. But these aspects of handmade jewelry are already known to most of the people.

Handmade gems

There is much more you must know about handmade gems. Here are a few things about this wonderful art that you may have been unaware of:

1. No machinery involved and no mass production–  We all know that handmade jewelry is made with hands. An artisan uses his hands in making such beautiful pieces. He carves and solders the pieces and gives them a wonderful shape without the use of machinery that is used for mass production. A machine can produce 100 pieces of gems in one hour but an artisan can make only a few pieces at the same time. 

2. More time invested– As we mentioned earlier that there is no use of machines in making handcrafted jewelry. A lot of time is spent on making handmade gems. A designer can take one week’s time in making only a single piece of jewelry. It requires a lot of attention, care and devotion in making that piece of gem. 

The artisan’s process

3. The artisan’s process– The artisan has a very close relationship with each piece made by him. The actual process of designing is key to the value that includes all handmade pieces. A designer knows every line and curve put by him in making a particular jewelry piece. He uses his energy in making that piece. 

4. Exclusivity of item– The items that are produced by machines will continue getting produced even when the designer is gone because machines are still in a running state. But if they are made using hands then the frequency of their production is lesser than machines. If you are going to purchase a handmade item then it gives you a sense of exclusivity because its

edition is limited. The next time you are going to purchase the same item then it may not be available there as the artisan could have been retired.

5. Material used– Mostly the materials which are used in making handmade pieces are of high quality. It is very difficult to know about the alloys of metals used in factories for mass production. There the costume pieces can be manufactured by using a blend of dirty metals. Generally, the materials used in making handmade jewelry are bought from some reputed suppliers. 

6. Sustainability– The jewelry makers believe in sustainability and buying materials from an ethical source. But if you are ethical then it will cost you so much rather than purchasing an item of low quality from a dealer, available at a low price. A good artisan always uses materials of high quality and buys them from an ethical source. Production at a smaller scale normally gives items of high quality. 

Quality of items

7. Quality of items– The production at a small scale is generally of high quality because it is inherently present in the mind of the jewelry maker to control the making process from beginning to end. Makers are always proud of their work of making jewels with their hands. They will never want to make an item that can be called of inferior quality by someone who buys it from them.  

8. Items made with love– The makers make each piece of the item with so much love and energy. Some designers use local people and local materials in making products through the use of their creativity. This helps in making a unique jewelry piece. As it is made with the style inherited from various communities, so if you purchase this item then it supports those communities. 

9. Every item of its own kind– The pieces made by hand are unique. If you are ordering two pieces of a particular type then they will not be exactly the same. From start to finish they are different from each other. On the other hand if they are made by machines then every piece will be of the same type. Each handmade piece is made uniquely for a single person.

So, if you are going to purchase handcrafted jewelry online by making any amount of investment, always remember that you are investing in a good jewel piece. 

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