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Three Fun Team Building Activities That Motivate Your Team

Do you want to learn how to put the fun in team building activities and to avoid the groans from your teams whenever you bring one of these up? In this article, I am going to teach you some stuff that your team is going to want to participate in, over and over again.

These team building activities that I’m going to share with you are going to change your team’s opinion on team building activities forever!


This team building activity actually is a really easy one super fun and it’s something that everybody no matter who’s involved, actually really likes.

What you do is you get two teams and you break them up. You have them facing each other and as we’re facing each other they’re supposed to study what each other is wearing. One team then turns around and is not to look, while the other team switches things up. What’s really cool is you can go really fun, by switching up shoes or switching up belts but the whole purpose is the other team has to guess.

Now one thing I do because of timing is whenever you’re in a meeting and you’re trying to implement these team building activities, is I usually say ten things so keep it to ten that they have to guess the other team when they all line up and are ready they turn around and they start to guess what it is the other team did it’s really cool because it shows about concentration creativity are people paying attention ironically enough and most people aren’t now after the first team finally guesses it.

The second team gets a turn at this too I always find the second team tends to be a lot more creative because they’ve been through it once it’s a lot of fun it’s just a great way for people to kind of loosen up, stand up, really get engaged and get to know each other.

You start to see what people start to do some people like to be a lot of fun and make it easy other people like to be a little bit tricky just to see are you truly paying attention. This is a really healthy and fun activity for the team.

Three truths and one lie

This is a real fun one. I actually use it in the beginning of my meetings when I’m introducing or when people are introducing themselves to a group. You need to have at least three people in order to do this well. What you do is you ask people to introduce themselves and tell the group three truths about yourself and one lie, and they just go around the room and as people are saying it everyone tries to guess what the lie is.

It’s a lot of fun. Here is an example: “Hello, my name is Alex, and I live with two cats, I own a number of investment properties, I like to write short stories and I also publish YouTube videos.”

If you knew this about me

This one is a great one for the leadership team and colleagues to really get a really cool understanding of your team members and instructions are very simple everyone has five minutes to talk about themselves on this statement if you knew this about me you would better understand who I am as a member of this team

So the rules around this game are really important. This is a monologue, so each person is supposed to talk for a full five minutes, however if you choose not to talk for a full five minutes then you can sit down. If they do sit down, then you’re supposed to use up the remainder of the five minutes in silence.

The other point too is because it’s a monologue no questions or comments are meant to be asked, and once the person is done speaking for five minutes, it then goes to the next person, and so forth.

You don’t want to be sharing your resume, which is on one end of the spectrum nor do you want to be going to someone’s deepest darkest secrets either. The concept is that it’s in the middle. So you may want to share something that people really don’t know about you, however you may feel slightly uncomfortable telling it.

That’s probably the sweet spot that you want to have, because you’re really showing your vulnerability and the whole point here is a building of a team. So do something like that that you’re comfortable with that people know.

Again, don’t do the resume, however don’t do the deepest darkest secret but something in between.

If there is a period of silence, there’s nothing wrong with a little bit of silence. Again, this is an example of what you could do. Now that you have your team building activities, that are not going to create any groans but people are going to want to do it over and over again.


There you have it, three team building activities that are really quite fun, and don’t suck like many of the other ones do. Try it out with your team and see the team building results. Good luck and have fun!

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