A wonderful large house with a garage you can buy if you follow Davie, FL real estate trends.

Davie, Fl real estate trends 2020

If you look at the current real estate situation in Florida, you may notice the increase in investing. Not only are more people choosing to buy a home but commercial investing is rising as well. Due to the various ownership benefits included in this part of the States, like low taxes or no taxes at all, it’s reasonably becoming a trend. The same situation is best reflected in the market situation in individual cities. Davie, FL real estate trends are showing the signs of promising opportunities on both short term and long term return on investment. Which is, considering the timing, providing a good chance to everyone willing to invest at the start of 2020.

Real estate trends in Davie, FL

According to the demographic data, Davie, FL will eventually become a real estate hot-spot in the near future. With the population slightly above 100,000 people, it leaves a lot of space for additional development. Even though in Florida you will find some of the most expensive housing options, Davie doesn’t necessarily share the top positions on those lists. If you have an interest in buying a home or business space in Davie, now would be the right moment. Of course, budget-friendly moving options are really budget-friendly only with affordable and reliable help. Fortunately, it’s not hard to find the appropriate help in the shape of professional companies like Miami Movers for Less. So, carefully weigh the pros and cons of the area with a couple of things in mind:

  • Davie is very diverse, both ethnically and organizationally.
  • The main industries are sales, administration, services, and management.
  • IT and computer industry is a major thing in Davie.
  • Davie, FL offers a perfect balance between urban and suburban feel.
  • Most residents are homeowners.
  • It has a good educational system and many young professionals for an employee pool.
  • Modern and a very large selection of amenities.

The simple data about housing

At this moment, there are somewhere about 360 homes available in Davie for sale. For those looking for a residential move, this is a really good number of offers. Whether you are looking for a large family house or a small and simple home, it’s good to have plenty of choices. Either way, the number of sales is increasing. While some people are seizing the opportunity to early get a new home, others are using this opportunity to sell. Selling while the market is growing and moving to another part of the city, or state is completely expected behavior. Especially if the price range is from $105,000 for 1 bedroom to $480,000 for 4 bedrooms, in a very luxury looking part of the city.

Wonderful accommodation with a wooden fence on a balcony.
There is some pretty decent accommodation you can find in Davie.

The prices of renting

Today, if you are planning on renting an apartment, you will need approximately $1,800 on average in Davie. This is slightly more than in 2019. This means, there is definitely something going on in Davie’s real estate market. Of course, the price range is not the same considering the different types of accommodation. But, with an average of 1,000 square feet per home, this is a relatively good median value. Lately, some of the most affordable neighborhoods are Oak Knoll, Calusa Ridge, Arrowhead, and Park City Estates. While some of the most expensive with modern luxury homes are Belmont Lakes, Waverly Hundred, and Highland Ranch Estates.

Now might be the best time to sell or buy in Davie

Undoubtedly, the housing prices in Davie are increasing for the last couple of months. Based on many latest transactions, people are starting to realize the potential of this part of Florida. It is a good short term investment for those who seek to flip the profit in just one year. But, it is also a good long time investment for people looking to live there. It seems like the current rising trend is going to continue in the next few years unless something drastic happens. For now, it might be a sure investment since investing in a home is never a waste of money. Starting from now, you don’t have much time to buy a property. It’s a prediction that until August it’s going to be a stable rise and a sudden increase afterward.

An illustration of a businessman with a dollar sign on one and a clock on the other side.
Business is always going hand in hand with timing.

How to follow real estate trends in Davie

While following the real estate market is one of the best ways to find out about the economy of a certain city, there are other things too. One thing leads to another and the solid situation in the real estate market is a reflection of other thriving industries. Davie offers a specific set of circumstances that are in common for advanced Florida’s cities:

  • Tourism is thriving thanks to the geographical location and wonderful climate conditions.
  • Local large businesses, as well as small businesses, are showing extraordinary performances.
  • Unemployment rates are very low.
  • Genuine lifestyle combining the best of city life with a suburban feel.

Considering the above, you have all the solid reasons for moving to Davie, both residentially and commercially. From a monetary point of view, it really pays off investing in this part of Florida.

A businessman reading “Business” newspaper.
Following news and trends is an important part of any business.

Davie, FL real estate trends are not to be underestimated. Compared to much larger cities like New York City, you wouldn’t expect to see something extraordinary, but it’s there. There is always something going on in Davie, so it’s important to follow the trends. That way, you will catch the right moment and maybe make one of the most important decisions in your life. Whether it is solving your housing problem or looking for a way to expand your business your primary mission. If you’ve never been to Davie, take the opportunity now, because it is the right time to pay a visit and see it for yourself.

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