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In order to help define how to choose the best wireless charger of 2019, we have grouped in our buying guide 6 of the best models of the moment. Analyzing its characteristics, we can know what are the basic criteria for a correct choice.

First, you should know how to identify the standard used by the smartphone. Currently, there are two standards most frequently used by manufacturers: the QI standard and the PMA standard.

Therefore, it is essential to choose a wireless charger whose standard is compatible with the smartphone, since there are devices that are not.


Samsung EP-NG930BBEGWW


Time to connect the cables to the smartphone is over. To load it, you just have to place it on the base. The device is recharged automatically, without the need for additional handling. There is no doubt, this device will simplify life.

Its small size makes it very practical. Indeed, it is a compact device that takes up little space. Another important point is that the Galaxy S10 or S10e smartphone does not need any special case to be compatible with this charger, because they have the function of wireless charging as standard.


Choetech Choe-T510 wireless charger


What is the best wireless charger on the market? It all depends on each need. If the model you are looking for is intended to recharge the phone in the car, then the most recommended model is the one we now present.

This wireless charger is equipped with 3 coils that make its use much easier. The device has a larger recharge zone. Recharging the phone is very simple, since it is not necessary to align it with any hidden magnet or sensor, such as other wireless chargers on the market.

The concept of the charging stand offers the possibility of going through the different menus of the smartphone without interrupting the charging. This model is highly appreciated for the security aspect it provides. In fact, it is equipped with several protection systems against overload or overheating. The phone battery charges optimally without risk of damage.


Campad Electronics


Thanks to its wireless charging, the battery recharging of the smartphone is done in a non-subsidiary manner. Indeed, just place the smartphone on the base. It should be noted that the device to be recharged must be QI compatible, or it must be equipped with a QI compatible housing. However, despite the fact that the load is non-subsidiary, the charger is offered with a micro USB cable.

Touring the various comparatives, the focus is particularly on this model, not only for its most interesting features, but also for its price. This wireless charger from Campad Electronics is not expensive, and its performances are very very good.

In device design it has been studied to be both aesthetic and practical. Her look is simple, but modern at the same time. The designers have integrated white non-slip rubbers in the middle of the base so that the smartphone is not in direct contact with the charger. The phone does not run the risk of slipping or scratching.


Quick Wireless Charger 2.0


The design of this charger is one of the most successful. At the same time elegant and discreet, it is ideal for the office, for the room, or the living room. It is also practical since it allows the smartphone to be placed horizontally. Therefore you can continue exploring its contents without having to remove it from the charger or interrupt its recharge.

This model is distinguished from the rest because it is equipped with multicolored LED indicators . These indicators have the dual function of indicating the level of charge so that you can quickly know whether or not the phone is ready for use. They also indicate if the peripheral is correctly aligned. If this is not the case, the LED lights turn from blue to green.

Thanks to the integration of three coils, this charger makes available a larger recharge zone. The risk of the smartphone not being properly aligned is greatly reduced. This technology is more practical than that of a simple wireless charger, since it greatly facilitates peripheral recharge.


Belkin F7U014VFSLV charger


The next model is the wireless charger wireless 15 watts that should be purchased if you want to recharge the smartphone, or tablets quickly. Its power is 3 times higher than that of a standard charger.

The presence of an LED light informs about the beginning of charging. It also allows to indicate if it detects foreign objects on the base, which could eventually spoil it.

The design of this model is very successful. Its metallic finish is beautiful. It is also small in size. Therefore it occupies little space in an office, and it can be easily stored in a suitcase or a purse. To achieve this level of compact size, the device is not equipped with a ventilation system. It uses a diffuse heat evacuation system rather, in order to operate with total security and discretion.

So that the peripheral is placed in a stable and safe way, the model has a completely flat surface with a non-slip coating. Therefore, the phone does not fall because it can slip during recharging.

MP power Wireless Qi Energy

Simply place the smartphone on the base to start charging. It is a very useful device to charge a mobile without using cables. Thanks to the built-in LED light, the state of charge can be tracked.

It also has rubber contact points to ensure that the phone does not slip during charging. The performance is 73% of the power, with protection of the device to avoid overload and overfeeding.

Compatible with all QI standard smartphones.

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