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Detailed pre-move checklist for beginners

Moving can be a very exciting process, especially if you are finally able to move into your dream home. However, very often when planning a move, things can get overwhelming and out of control without adequate planning. So, as soon as your excitement starts wearing off, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Every well thought out move is made up of many different tasks. Some might be small while others might be bigger, but they are all very important. To keep better track of all the tasks and things to be done for your move, it would be wise to make a pre-move checklist. This is particularly important for all that are rookies in moving.

Why is a pre-move checklist important for your relocation?

As we already mentioned, relocating is a process that is made up of many different tasks. That is why it is important not to let anything fall through the cracks. A pre-move checklist will help you stay on track with everything that needs to be done. Also, it will help you stay on track timewise. Deadlines are very important for relocation organization. Completing the task is only beneficial if it is done on time and we all know how much most of us like to procrastinate. Therefore, make a pre-move checklist with all your tasks. Everything from hiring a reputable moving company to packing should be on it. There is no insignificant task when it comes to organizing a move.

Open your own moving file

Here you have two choices. You can go old school and have a folder where you will store all the important paperwork related to the move. If you have outgrown the whole paper in folder situation and you want to save some trees, use the cloud to store important documents. You will not even notice but moving documentation will start piling on. In this folder, very shortly you will have your contract that you have signed with your movers, moving insurance paperwork, inventory list, utility address changes and many other documents that you have to take care of during your move. As you can imagine, it will add up. If you aren’t organized, it will be very easy to lose or misplace items.

Two red folders placed next to each other.
Keep your folder close to you on moving day. There is a big chance you might need some documents during the relocation process.

Hire professional movers for your relocation

As soon as you find out that you are to be moving you should start looking to hire professional movers. In case you are going through a little local move, you might be able to skip this step. Otherwise, you should really have experienced help by your side on this important day. That is why every single pre-move checklist should contain this crucial task. To hire the best possible movers, it is wise to ask for in house estimates. Some companies might try and offer estimates over the phone or online. This might not be the most reliable choice for you if you want the estimate to be as close as possible to the original amount that needs to be paid in the end.

Once you have gathered more than three or four in-home estimates. Take your sweet time and compare them. Don’t choose the cheapest option. Choose the company that seems the most reliable and that offers the most services for the asked dollar amount. In case you are still looking for reliable and experienced movers visit verifiedmovers.com.

Prepare moving supplies and labeling tools

One of the most important tasks on your pre-move checklist will be packing. To be successful in this task you must have appropriate packing materials. The protection of your property is essential. Since you are packing your life away, you want to make sure that everything arrives at your new home in one piece and in great condition.

To get that done, you should first gather everything that you need. This will depend on the things you need to pack. Most used moving supplies are boxes (plastic and cardboard), tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, etc. Some of these supplies aren’t so cheap. Thus, try to gather some free packing supplies before you start purchasing packaging material. Restaurants and local grocery stores often get rid of the boxes that they used. This is a great opportunity to get free boxes and avoid spending money.

Sharpe markers in all different colors laid down next to each other.
When packing it is important to label your boxes. This way you and your movers will know exactly where each box needs to be delivered.

Set your moving budget

Relocating your home can be quite costly. Some things are just a few bucks while others are a nice chunk of change. Either way, it all adds up to a nice pile of money that will surely cripple your bank account. That is why it is very important to make a moving budget in advance, before you start spending money on supplies, professional movers, etc. Everything and anything should be included in this calculation, with a little leftover room. Unexpected things can happen during a move that can cost you additional money. Once you are done with your budget, if things are too tight, you can research ways to save money and reduce your moving costs. One way to save money is to partially do your move on your own.

Take a few days off from work

You might want to save your vacation days for a real vacation. Still, investing a few days just towards your move can be very beneficial for you. Every day you are torn in many different directions. Your job, kids, home, friends and everything else just keeps demanding your attention. Now add a move to the mix and it will be enough to make your hair fall out. That is why asking for a few days off to focus only on planning your move can be just what the moving doctor ordered. Just look at your pre-move checklist. There are so many different tasks on it. Now imagine focusing just on that. Sounds like a moving dram come true. If possible, dedicate some time just to your relocation.

A woman sitting on the floor, stressed out with her hands over her face.
The stress from moving combined with work can easily get to you and get you down. Take a few days off from work so you can focus all of your energy on your relocation.

Don’t neglect your kids during this process

We aren’t just referring to paperwork concerning your children. Of course, you must make sure that their school paperwork and doctors’ documentation is in order. That is a very important part of relocating your kids. In addition, you must make sure your kids are taken care of emotionally. Moving can sometimes be rough on adults. Thus, it is only natural that it can be an even bigger challenge for our little once.

Talk to them on a regular basis. Ask them how they feel. Explain what they can look forward to. More then anything – be their rock and shoulder to cry on if needed. You should be their biggest supporter and cheerleader if they struggle during your relocation.

Get rid of stuff you don’t utilize

This is very important, particularly if you sold your home fast and now you need to move in a short time frame. Yet, this should be important during every move. No matter how big or small the move may be. The last thing you want to be doing is taking junk to your beautiful new home. You need to go through your things before you start packing them. The easiest thing for you would be to make piles or use post-its. Make sure you differentiate items that you will take, donate and toss. Also, if you don’t want to donate or toss things, you can organize a garage or a yard sale. It is a great way to make some extra cash that you can put towards your moving budget.

Talk to your friends and family

This is a task on your pre-move checklist that might be emotionally the hardest. Telling your friends and family can be very hard for both sides. Don’t do this last minute. You don’t want your loved once to feel ambushed with this news. They will want to spend time with you before you leave. You will be surprised how many will be willing to help with your move. You can always organize a pizza and wine packing party. Put on your favorite jams, gossip and get some packing done. You can kill two birds with one stone without even trying too hard. Your loved once need to know that they still matter even though you might be moving far away.

Two girls laying on the hood of a truck and hanging out.
Make sure your friends know on time that you are planning to move. The last thing you should do is inform them last minute.

There can be no pre-move checklist without an inventory list

Making this list might take some time, but it will be time well spent. An inventory list will be useful in more than one instance. For starters, it can help when making a moving estimate. Based on an in-home estimate you can make a moving inventory that will be a clear guide on what needs to be packed and transported to your new home. The amount that you will pay for your professional movers, will be based a lot on this list. Also, once you arrive at your new home, just bust out your inventory list and start checking. This is a simple and easy way to make sure everything that was needed arrived at your new family nest.

Have a tactic in place when packing

You can start packing as soon as you know that you need to move. However, you need to have a system behind it or you will end up making a mess. If you pack little by little you will not be overwhelmed by the time your moving day knocks on your door. Start packing things that you do not use as often. Also, you can pack clothing that is out of season. If you make a system you will be packed and ready to go in no time. If you just can’t find the time, you can always find professional movers that offer packing service.

Follow your pre-move checklist and take care of your address changes

This is something that you must not forget to do before you move. Think about how many institutions need your address so they can provide you with their services. For starters, your utilities need to be transferred. Your pet’s chip needs to be updated in case they get lots. How about your insurance provider and bank account? The list goes on and on… There are many places where you need to make the change. It is not unlikely that you like to forget something. Usually, people forget minor changes, like magazine prescriptions.

What you can do is leave your forwarding address to the people that will move into your soon to be new home. This way if some mail gets lost they can forward it to you. The trick is in the details. It is very easy during a move to forget little things like changing your address. It might be insignificant at the moment but later on, it might cause you issues.

A vintage green mailbox hung on a brick wall.
The last thing you want is not getting important and confidential mail. That is why you need to do a thorough address change everywhere where needed.

You are finally there

Finally, you have arrived at your new home. Moving day is behind you and your pre-move checklist has been successfully completed. At this point, you can finally breathe easier and understand that everything you went through beforehand was totally worth your while. Of course, there is still a lot to do, but just remember the hardest part is behind you. Now all you need to do is unpack and settle in. In no time your new place will have that home sweet home vibe that all homeowners are looking for.

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