Reasons Budapest is an attractive city for international students

Budapest is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and rightly so. The city is located on the banks of the beautiful Danube. In its outskirts lies a medieval castle and Baroque buildings, besides the hundreds of theatres, museums, galleries as exhibits of architectural profile. The city has a beautiful skyline and is thus always a source of joy for foreigners to land there.

Many students studying in various parts of Europe visit this city during their academic life. On the other hand, many students now prefer Budapest as a study destination because of the open choice of universities that the city offers. Most prominent of these universities include Budapest metropolitan university and Budapest university of technology and economics.

This article aims to highlight the importance that Budapest holds as a study destination in the eyes of foreign students

Five reasons Budapest is a promising study destination

Budapest is a beautiful city, rich with historical buildings and artifacts. It is not an expensive city at all. The universities located in the city promise enriching academic experience for the students and welcome thousands of students from all over the world every year.

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Reasons Budapest attracts most students hailing from various parts of the world are as follows:

1. Central location in Europe

The satellite view of the region shows how central the location of the Hungarian capital is in Europe. When you get admission in a university in Budapest city, you will spend the next three to five years in a city which has lots of tourist attractions close to it. You will be able to travel a lot in a short period of time and thus make the most out of the vacation period.

The city is Hungary’s political, cultural, industrial, and commercial center. In short, it is a primate city, and the rest of the points below just add more value to it as a foreign study destination.

2. Heritage sites

Budapest city houses two of the UNESCO world heritage sites. These are namely: The Danube River and the Buda Castle. These two sites and many more architectural landmarks can make your experience there worthwhile.  You will find hip experiences combined with classical splendor.

The marketplaces are lively and bustling at all times. The nightlife is also noticeably active and enjoyable there. You will get to experience joyous evenings in the Jewish quarter. Outstanding views

3. City of the spas

Budapest has been enjoying the title of ‘city of the spas’ for eighty years. The city is home to more than a dozen public spas (thermal baths), whereas the private thermal spas are innumerably abundant. While there many more things special about the city of Budapest, being the city of Spas is a unique factor adding value to its attractiveness.

Most of the baths open even today, were established by Turks. These include the Kiraly Baths and the Rudas. Besides, you will be able to indulge in water sports activities in Budapest if you get to stay there as a student.

4.  Affordable living costs

Many tourist attractions and education hubs are very expensive. The costs of living are too high for ordinary people to afford and dwell there. It won’t be wrong to say that the higher the attractiveness of a foreign destination, the higher the costs keep going. Budapest, despite being a highly attractive destination, has a reasonable level of costs.

Daily activities and facilities are highly affordable. These very features solve the most critical problem of a student not born with a silver spoon: financial burden. Students thus prefer Budapest for affordable student life in the European city of Budapest

5. Great student life

With hardly any financial concerns and an easy commute on public transport, student life in Hungarian Capital isn’t difficult, like many other education hubs. In fact, here you get many student discounts which reduce the burden on your pocket. You get plenty of part-time work opportunities. The nightlife is just as a fun-loving young adult would want it to be.

Universities have a forthcoming and wholesome approach towards international students, making it easy for you to adjust to a foreign city.

Looking forward to education at a Budapest university?

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Make sure you carry out plenty of research on your own before going for secondary sources of information. Do not make a decision in haste.

Good luck with your academic experience in the Hungarian capital of Budapest!

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