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How to save money on your Chicago move?

Many people dream of moving somewhere else. They want to change their lives and get a brand new home for them and their families. And, indeed, the very thought of getting a chance to have a new fresh start in Europe, America, or any other country, is appealing and exciting. However, unfortunately, all the euphoria disappears quickly when met with the daunting challenge of the moving process. And that’s the point when the real chaos starts. What to do first? How to prepare the best? And above all, the everlasting question of- will I be able to support all these changes financially? Well, first things first. Let’s make a good plan. To help you out, we offer you some tricks on how to save money on your Chicago move, for example.

Declutter your life

When you are planning a new beginning, it is good to put an end to some bad habits first. Stop collecting unnecessary things. Make an inventory list. Remove all the useless items from your home. There must be a bunch of things that you did not use for a long time. Find them, and simply declutter your life at once.

Believe it or not, this may have many positive effects, indeed. It is not only that you would be able to get rid of the things you don’t need anymore, and thus make your packing easier. You would also have half of your work done when it comes to unpacking since there will be no unnecessary mess. And if you are still asking about how it would save your money on your Chicago move, think twice. Well, yes, the less you pack, the less you will have to move. You’ll save your money on transportation. So, is it clear now why decluttering is the first step you need to make when planning your moving budget? Great! Don’t waste your time, and start it at once.

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Declutter your house – the less you bring, the less you pay.

The packing time

Save your money on the packing supplies. Yes, you will need many:

  • boxes
  • bubble wraps and cartons
  • tapes and labels

But the thing is, you don’t have to buy all of them. No matter whether you live in London, Paris or New York, you can always find some free ones. So, instead of getting new boxes, you may ask around your neighborhood for the already used ones. There must be some in the nearby supermarket or shop. And don’t be afraid to use them. It makes no big difference whether they are old or new. It is only important that they are solid enough to carry your items. And when it comes to the bubble wrap, it may easily be replaced with any kind of old newspapers that can be found in every household. Just wrap your fragile items carefully, and have no worries.

Do it on your own

Well, it is true that the best way to conduct your relocation is to hire a reliable moving agency like, for example, Golans Moving and Storage. But, if you really want to cut down your Chicago moving expenses, try at least to do the packing on your own. It should not be so difficult. Many people do it, really. You just need a good plan. And you have to start on time. Select your stuff by size and type. Use the appropriate boxes, the ones that match the item size. Do not overpack the boxes. And finally, do the labeling part. Make clear marks on every package. Write the ‘FRAGILE’ inscription, wherever you think it’s necessary. Try to utilize color labeling as well. So, take your time. And be patient.

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A pair of helpful hands are always welcome.

Don’t waste your money on your Chicago move – ask your friends for some help

You are a rich man if you have many loving friends and family members all around you. And yes, it is true, indeed. But having so many people by your side can be useful as well. Take a relocation situation, for example. Imagine that you are trapped in all that mess and chaos of the packing process. And, there come a few caring friends who are willing to help you out. Isn’t that great? So, don’t be shy. Call on your mates. Make a kind of farewell packing party. Do your job together, and have some fun!

Choose the right movers

It is always good to rely on professionals. When buying a new house, you need some. When renovating your old apartment, you need some. And of course, when relocating your home, you definitely need some. Spending money on such a thing is not a waste at all. But, the truth is that you can save up at this point, too. If you play it smart and stay patient enough, hiring a good moving agency will not be expensive at all. The secret lies in the good and thorough research. Go through all the offered options. Read the conditions well, and make a good comparison. There always must be at least several moving companies that are good and reliable, but still affordable for your budget. And if you are persistent enough you may meet some favorable discounts. So, be patient, and you will be surprised by what you may find.

A moving truck and renting one of these may be a way to save money on your Chicago move.
A group of good moving professionals can make your move a piece of cake.

Final words on how to save money on your Chicago move

Panning your budget, before you actually decide to start your move, is a clever first step to be made. You need to have all that conducted perfectly well. And there must not be any oversights. Think wisely and use every given chance to save as much as you can on your Chicago move. It may not be easy. But it is not impossible either. We shared some ideas with you, so we hope there could be at least something useful. And the most important thing – stay calm. Everything will be just fine. Good luck!

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