Importance of Subtitling Translations

Importance of Subtitling Translations

Subtitle Translation:

It is a type of translation that is referred to the process of translating the video language to another language through written subtitles in the text to target the different audiences. It requires some highly efficient and in-depth expertise for the quality subtitles translation. A professional and experienced translator is required for this purpose. These subtitle translators have the capabilities of working along with a range of genres that produces a structurally sound translation. A good translator always works to retain the meaning of the actual text with foreign subtitles.

How do subtitle translation works?

The working of subtitle translation involves a number of steps. The most initial one is the video must be transcribed word to word in the source language. The text must be matched with timing and split as subtitles. Once you are done with it, then you can translate the text line by line in the target language. This is the process that results in high-quality subtitle translation. Moreover, this trick can also make your subtitling translation tricky and less in the budget. This type of translations is much expensive than other translations and most of the translating companies and translators also offer per minute video for translations.

Limitations that needs to be followed in subtitling:

Timing is very crucial in subtitling and plays a vital role in the whole process. As there is a maximum time duration of 6 to 7 seconds on a screen, the word and character count must be according to this time limit so that the reader could easily read the subtitle. The reading speed of the subtitles depends on two major factors that include the number of characters included and the time period of the subtitles to read the subtitle easily. The subtitles should be visible on the screen when the characters are speaking and should not appear on the screen ones the character stops speaking. The standard space in a subtitle translation is restricted to 2 lines of subtitles. Each line must be containing 35 to 42 characters

The four significant phases of submitting:


  • Spotting:

It is a process in which the visibility and disappearing time of the subtitles are decided. To keep it synchronized with the audio perfectly.


  • Translation:

Translating the text from the actual language, then localizing the whole translation and adapting it according to the characters permitted following the criteria.


  • Correction:

It refers to the correction in sentence structure, the overall flow of the text and comprehension. The text should be standard text that flows across the same punctuation, language conventions, and spelling factors.


  • Simulation:

When you are done with the translation and the correction, the film must be reviewed in a simulation environment. Screening of the subtitles on the display screen to get the final view of subtitling translation.


Choices in terms of subtitle translation prices:

Efficient Subtitle translating companies will majorly charge translations on per word basis. It means that there is a need to write a source language transcript before coming on to fix subtitle translation prices. Considering this process, it can also be hectic to translate directly from the video, rather than translating through a source language transcription. In such type of cases, the translation results are mostly compromised, and therefore the whole process of translation needs to be revised. Moreover, there are some types of videos that don’t have constant speech; the cost can be pretty high for these types of video translations. The major reason for this increase in cost is because the translator has to consider the timing of words and the splitting of subtitles.


Which subtitling price is best for the client and translators both?

When translation the video subtitles, it is complex to work from the text in order to allow enable the most flexibility in maintaining the character limits and reading speeds. Good subtitling can be a tricky and mathematical process with frame rates, reading speed and duration of the subtitles. Therefore, per word translations are always beneficial for both the clients and translators.  The per-word subtitle translation charges make sure the highest level of accuracy and there are no chances of errors or mistakes. For the standard types of translations, there are no issues regarding the difference in character and word count. However, the major hard work in subtitles translation is to optimize the difference in terms of word count to maintain decent reading speeds. The standard duration of the subtitles on-screen display relies upon between 1 and 7 seconds. Too many characters in words can cause difficulty for the reader to read the subtitles.


Final words:

The best subtitling translation is that the subtitles are decently synchronized with the audio in such a manner that it sounds natural and fluent. The audio and the text must be absorbed in the image so that the reader does not feel uncomfortable or complicated.

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