Coin Master Game Review: Enjoy A Wondrous Gaming Experience

There are infinite adventurous games available on the internet to play online or download it to play offline & kill time as well as enjoy the free space of your busy schedule. But there are some games that are just like cactus that stuck in your mind. You can’t dust off yourself with them. Coin Master is one of them. Today, I’m gonna talk about the features of Coin Master & will share my Coin Master Review with you all guys!

Coin Master Review

If you are a wanderlust & loves traveling, let me tell you, you’ll love this game! Because, honestly speaking, Moon Active, developer of this magnificent game, has blended utmost every culture into the levels of the Coin Master!

You are not just going to level up into the game but eventually, you are going to step into a new culture, new town, new city, new characters & new village!

And more amazing thing is, you aren’t just going to step into a new village, you are going to rule it! You’ll be the new King of the town. You’ll be handed over the responsibility of developing your village, save it from attacks & raids.

All you have to do is to spin wheel & storm into the bonuses! Or get free rewards daily from coin master spin links to build your village and feet your pets.

Coin Master’s one of the most attractive features is the slot machine where a player gets lots of bonuses & other in-game items. But if you love to spend money on amazing things, Coin Master also offers you amazing bonuses with an in-app purchase option.

The game is developed by Moon Active, as mentioned earlier, and is available for Android & iOS. You can download it from Google Play & App Store without spending a penny. It’s free to download!

The game is designed in such a way that it helps you reduce your stress. Well, it works for me!

If you want to know more about this wonderful game, please don’t stop here. I’ve mentioned more features of the game down below so just continue reading.

Currencies In Coin Master

You’ll be King so what do you expect about the game currency, Your Majesty? Coins, obviously!

And not just a handful coins, there will be millions of billions of coins which you can own in the game & spend it to develop your villages & to do many things!

Two currencies, coins & spins have been provided to the players in the game to make their purchases & buy valuable things necessary to progress in the game. Coins are considered as the primary currency while spins can only be used at the Slot Machine.

But, keep in mind, only using both of these currencies wisely will help you to get over the line. Otherwise, be ready to crush by someone!

Connect With Facebook

If you want more fun, you can connect Coin Master to Facebook community & bring all of your friends on the game to raid or attack each other’s villages!

Not only this, but friends can also do favors like gifting you the coins, cards, or other things.

And Coin Master knows what blessing the friends are so they gift you 25 free spins on each friend who joins Coin Master on your invitation.

Hammer of Thor

Thor, the strongest. Have you ever fantasized about using Thor’s hammer to destroy someone completely?

Well, guess what? You can make this fantasy complete with Coin Master!

Hammer of Thor is one of the powerful & essential items in Coin Master. You can get those from the slot machine. What does the hammer do? It destroys villages or islands that you choose to attack!

But please note that you can use the hammer once per time. So choose wisely when & where to attack.


Your town can get looted anytime. Players are always waiting for the chance when they could raid any village & loot hundreds, thousands, lacs, or even billions of coins!

But don’t worry. You have got the shield to save you from this. The shield can protect you & your village from the raids & attack by other players. Just a little mistake & you might be left with nothing at all!

So, wait for the perfect time for the shield & put it in action to save you from a big heist, Your Majesty!

The Pets

Pets are the most adorable addition in the game. But you’ll need to pass the 4th level in order to unlock pets for you.

Pets in coin master are not just pets. They are enveloped with lots of power. Pets perform different actions that will help you in doubling your rewards. There are 3 pets which name as Foxy, Tiger & Rhino.

I know they don’t sound like a pet but, they are so cute that you’ll just fall in love this those tiny little creatures!

Should You Download It?

Oh, why not?! It’s the most popular game in the UK, USA, India & Germany. Billions of players around the globe are currently loving the game. Not just gameworms, even celebrities are preferring Coin Master while relaxing!

So what are you waiting for? Just go & get it downloaded!

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