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How to organize a short notice commercial move in NJ

We can all agree that moving is tough no matter if it is a commercial move, a residential move, moving long-distance or moving around the corner. And, why is moving tough? Well, it requires a lot of planning, organizing, and preparing. And, besides being time-consuming, it is also money and energy consuming too. However, when you add moving on short notice to your already existing moving list, things get a lot more stressful and complex. But, we are not saying that organizing a short notice commercial move in NJ is impossible. Quite the contrary! You just need a proper plan. And, that is why we are here. Thus, if you want to know how to organize your commercial move in NJ on short notice, keep on reading.

Make a Plan

There are many reasons why a business owner decides to move his/her business – increase the profit, lower the costs, make more space for growing, etc. But, whatever the reason may be, every move must start with a proper plan. Without it, moving can become a disaster. Moreover, having a plan and sticking to it can help you stay on track and not lose your valuable time. Thus, start with setting your date and budget. According to those two, plan everything else. Do not forget to organize a couple of staff meetings and keep your employees up to date. Try to involve them in this commercial move too if you want to speed things up. However, if you do not want to distract your employees, start looking for a commercial moving company like Van Express Movers New Jersey to help you out as soon as possible.

A laptop and a notebook to make and write down a plan on how to organize a short notice commercial move.
Whether you have 5 days or 5 months – make a moving plan!

Find Your New Office Space

This one is a no-brainer, but let us mention it just in case. Before you decide to organize a short notice commercial move, you must make sure that your new office space is waiting for you. Without it, you will have to stop your business. Just think about it – you moved your business out of your current space, but now, you have to place the office supplies in storage, stop everything you were doing, slow down your business, and probably annoy all of your employees as well as all the customers and clients that are counting on you. Thus, do not do anything until your new office space is ready. Once it is, get its blueprints as soon as possible and see what pieces of your office furniture you can reuse, and what new items you will need to buy. Only then you should start packing your office. Doing this will also help you save money on your moving costs too!

Have a Staff Meeting

During a commercial move, that is, before you start with one, you must have a staff meeting. Notify your employees about the upcoming changes. Tell them about the moving date. This is necessary because they too need to organize. If you are moving somewhere far away (to another city or even state) maybe some of your current employees will not be able to join you. In that case, you must give them as much time as you can to find a new job. Moreover, as previously mentioned, you should try to involve your employees in this process of relocation too. If everyone just packs his/her own desk, for instance, everything will be much more organized, and of course, a lot quicker. Thus, set regular staff meetings during which you will discuss the overall progress of the commercial move, and do it several times.

A staff meeting.
Having regular staff meetings is of key importance for your commercial move.

Hire a Commercial Moving Agency to Help You Organize a Short Notice Commercial Move

As previously mentioned, if you do not want to distract your employees from doing their jobs, it would be best to hire a commercial moving agency. There are many moving crews that can easily handle this task. Moreover, they will be able to do it in no time as well. This is definitely something that will come in handy if you have to move your business in a hurry, locally or internationally. A professional moving company can bring their own packing supplies, pack everything from your office safely, deal with all the heavy lifting, loading and unloading, and bring everything to your new office space in no time. Your only job would be to find the movers that suit your needs and budget as well as to decide what is going to your new office space and what should be left behind.

A man carrying a pile of cardboard boxes.
With professional movers’ help, your commercial move will be a piece of cake.

Notify Your Clients and Customers

While you are moving, that is, while you are moving your business, you must not forget about your clients and customers. Yes, even if you are moving on short notice. They are counting on you! Thus, it is of key importance to let them know that you are moving your business to a new location. What you can do is notify them over social media – on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, for example. However, if they are your regular clients and customers, it would be much better to notify them in person, or at least over the phone. Trust us, they will appreciate that. It would also be a good idea to advertise your business in the area you are moving to. That will help you expand your circle of clients and customers and thus, make your business grow and increase the profit.

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