5 Main Reason for Avoiding Automated Car Washes

Whether you are a car enthusiast or non-enthusiast, you have to wash your car anyway. In the vast majority of cases, people wash their cars because they are extremely dirty, therefore they want to have them clean. However, real car-enthusiasts do not wash their cars at regular washes. They make use of proper auto detailing studios that take the cleaning process to the new level.  

Without any doubt, car washes can save you a lot of time. By utilizing this option your car can be washed in 10 minutes and you are ready to go. But a lot of people do not even realize how much damage a regular car wash can cause to the paintwork of a vehicle. When it comes to cleaning a vehicle, a lot of detailers say that people should protect their investment and not destroy it. Regular car washes clean your vehicle but they destroy it at the same time. It might sound confusing at first but this article will describe the aforementioned in a more detailed way. 

Automatic car washes

As was mentioned before, automatic car washes are convenient and time saving. Although, the costs in potential damage add up very quickly. These types of car washes are known to introduce scratches, swirls marks and other damages to a vehicle’s paint. A lot of people who are trying to sell their cars for cash, take them to automated car washes in order to make them look better. They will look better in the short-term but the number of scratches that this type of car wash brings is unacceptable. 

Car enthusiasts say that taking a vehicle to a fully automated car wash is a waste of money and it is very bad for a car. We have prepared a list of several reasons why you should avoid taking your car to an automated car wash. 

Automated car washes spray the vehicle with actual acid 

Acid is particularly suited to eat away very fine particles like road grime. Thus, the vast majority of heavy duty cleaners and wheel cleaning products have hydrofluoric acid in concentrations strong enough that the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) even issued a warning to all car wash industry employees. 

Unlike auto detailing studios, where attention to detail is key, automatic car washes are created for speed and convenience. You never know which type of soap the car wash uses and whether it is diluted in the right amount. The chances of a car wash using a cheap product to increase its profit margin are extremely high. Typically, cheap products contain a strong acid that can strip off any protective coating applied to your vehicle including sealants or even a ceramic coating. 

An automated car wash puts a billion tiny scratches in your paint 

Let’s forget about acid for a second. Automated car washes still can cause a lot of damage to your paint. These giant spinning brushes repeatedly slap against your vehicle and drag across its paint, carrying with them a lot of dirt. And what is even more terrifying is that the dirt that these brushes carry comes not only from your vehicle but from all the vehicles that were in front of you. Normally, these brushes are not cleaned between washes, thus, these automated car washes create cross contamination. 

Pressure washer can also damage the paintwork of your vehicle 

A quick blast of water at close range is enough to cause damage to your vehicle’s paintwork. Some car washes even filter and recycle their water to reduce the sewer bills, thereby lowering the automatic car wash owner’s overhead. Recycling of water is a killer for the paintwork of a vehicle. Any dirt and grit missed by the filtering system will affect the amount of dirt being sandblasted back into your vehicle during the wash and rinse phases. 

You cannot accept water spots on your vehicle 

Water can leave mineral deposits on the paint if it evaporates too quickly (unless you use water that is so heavily filtered that it can be used in a medical saline solution). You should keep in mind that these water spots are not only ugly, they are also permanent. It is not possible to get rid from them until you polish the paintwork of your car. Leaving water on the paint without drying a vehicle will undoubtedly cause damage to the pain once your car is back out in the hot sun. 

Drying methods of these automated car washes are not the best 

It has been already proven that the most effective and safe way to drive the vehicle is by using soft and clean microfiber towels. Microfiber towels do not create tiny scratches and swirls in your vehicle’s paint. They are extremely effective at absorbing water. Automated car washes normally use air blowers to dry your vehicle. However, as was mentioned above, any water spots left on the pain of the car will stay in the paint and they are permanent. It means that the only way to remove these spots is by polishing the vehicle. There is no single dryer on the planet yet that can dry your vehicle in the way that there will be no water spots left. 

As can be seen from all the aforementioned, there numerous disadvantages of using an automated car washes. The only advantages of these types of car washes is speed and convenience. Therefore, if you do not care about all these tiny scratches and swirl marks, an automated car wash is a great option for you. You might be wondering what should be done in order to clean a vehicle in a proper way. For people loving their vehicles there are a lot of auto detailing studios. 

Auto detailing is not the same as a car wash. Car detailing takes the whole process of cleaning a vehicle to the next level. Auto detailing is all about details. These studios can restore your vehicle to almost the same conditions as it was when you drove it out of the dealer. These studios do not use “hard” chemicals in order to get rid of all the dirt, they use only quality products and tools. 

Car detailing

Car detailing is also believed to increase the resale value of the vehicle by 10 to 15 percent. Therefore, if you are planning to sell your car privately for cash or trade it in, you should definitely bring it to the detailing studio and have it cleaned properly. These companies can even clean the engine bay, which will definitely impress the potential buyer of the vehicle and increase the value of the vehicle. 

Car detailing helps to protect and maintain the condition of your vehicle. Undoubtedly, the price of auto detailing is significantly higher than the cost of an automated car wash. According to recent studies, the cost of a regular car wash varies between $10 to $40, whereas the cost of detailing starts at $150. However, detailers say that all these extra expenses on auto detailing will pay you off when you will be selling your vehicle. If you care about your vehicle and want to maintain its condition, you should definitely avoid visits to an automated car washes. 

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