We all love travelling and whenever it comes to have a look of haunted places. We all get super excited to explore and move to the place where we can explore the terror. The Greenwich Foot Tunnel in the UK that runs underneath the river Thames between Island Gardens not only famous for its beauty.

Even it has some history that can surely give you a Goosebumps and take all those good night’s sleep away. The tunnel was opened in 1902 and has been recently renovated as there were some mystical things are happening. It extends 370 meters in length and is believed to be one of the most haunted places in London.

A real fear or a fable!

Now the thing on which we need to keep an eye is that the Greenwich foot tunnel is it a haunted place. Or only the local and other people are just spreading the rumours. Well, it will get cleared soon, the more closely we will keep getting to know more about the destination. It is a dank and slender path, and the exhaustive feel and vibe of this tunnel are precisely frightening and creepy.

It is a public highway and free to walk through, but no one wants to cross this tunnel, especially the locals. There are twisting stairways and lifts at each end that makes these places more haunted. Walking through the tunnel gives you a feeling of being watched by someone in continuation and dripping water sound from the ceiling harmonising with reverberations.

Even from others ephemeral through give that feeling of restlessness that makes you have a look over your shoulder. It makes you so helpless that you feel there is someone who is keeping an eye on you continuously. But why this happens?

A horrifying history that changed the look

Every place has some history some has created, and some happened because of its design. Greenwich Foot Tunnel Re-establishment adds on some of the new things like:-

  1. Lifts
  2. Redecorated stairways and head houses
  3. CCTV and communications system that also includes help buttons
  4. Lighting
  5. Drainage
  6. Mechanical repairs
  7. Leak sealing

However, the question is that are these things enough to reduce the terror that people has in mind. Are they going to use this tunnel daily? That is a tricky part and on one can say anything on it, but according to a survey roughly 2 million people use the Greenwich & Woolwich Foot Tunnels to get from one side of the vast River Thames to the other path.

On the other hand, some people are interested in having a ghostly experience and coming from a faraway destination and travelling miles just to have a lifetime experience. Even they are taking borrowing help like a quick loan because they don’t want to miss the chance to capture memories of this haunted location.

A haunted experience that opens many chapters

According to the article, one individual has witnessed the ghost of a Victorian woman and man who keep walking through this tunnel every day. No one is moderately sure as to whom this couple is but they have been keen-sighted numerous times in this tunnel, especially during late evenings even in the night time.

Many people can hear Their footsteps by crossing this dripping tunnel countless times. Even there is one more thing every time they have seen by holding hands and strolling along before the thin air comes and they get lost into it in a few seconds.

No one is indeed sure who the couple is or what true back story involves, leaving all those questions in mind. However, the reality is on which everybody believes that there is a ghostly appearance with a mystery that is unsolved.

Not only this, but even people have also experienced some paranormal activities captured in cameras. But later on, when they tried to see the clip nothing was visible that leaves things more answered. Now what you want to say it’s just a history or all these things are a real indication that there is devil felt.

The UK has beauty but also with haunted places

Well, until now you have only thought that the UK is one of the warm places to travel and there you can see all the beautiful destinations. However, that’s not all UK is one of those places that you can explore without any limits. And if you are the one who loves adventures, then you need to see Greenwich Foot Tunnel in the UK.

Maybe it is in the distance from your location, but once you travel there, surely you are not going to get disappointed. A feeling of someone is around you by crossing the tunnel all the spine-chilling sound. Will it be going to give you a lifetime experience ever that you are not going to forget? Then what to wait for book your tickets and travel. After travelling, you can also decide that it is a haunted place or it was just a myth.

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