Should you move to your Florida beach house for self-isolation

As we all already know, the stay-at-home order is active because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus(COVID-19). We are all instructed to self-isolate and stay in our homes. This way, the virus spreading should be brought to a minimum. And it’s worth mentioning that this is happening all over the world right now. The whole planet fights with this together. So, we all should stay in our houses. That’s not too difficult. But, if you have multiple homes to choose from, things become a little bit more difficult. And if one of those homes is a waterfront estate, only one question pops into the mind. Should you move to your Florida beach house for self-isolation?

However, the answer here isn’t simple. There are many factors to consider before taking a pre-move checklist into your hands. If the conditions are right, you will have a great time self-isolating. You can actually turn this unfortunate turn of events into a mini vacation. Read on to find out if you should relocate to your beach house during the self-isolation period.

Should you move to your Florida beach house for self-isolation – How to travel?

Well, the question here is not only how you should travel to your beach house, but also should you do this. The government has instructed everyone to travel as little as possible. And this is not without a reason. If everyone starts rushing everywhere the country will become a complete mess. However, if you live close enough to your beach house, this shouldn’t be a problem. And what we mean by close is anything up to a few hours drive.

And to clarify from the start, public transport is out of the equation here. This may be problematic if you had an idea to move all the belongings you might need with you. There will hardly be enough space for all the stuff and a whole family. So, hiring movers is a good idea. They, of course, all implement precaution measures nowadays. Physical contact with movers does not exist, and masks and hand sanitizers are the most precious pieces of gear.

You also shouldn’t move at any cost if you’re in a high-risk group. Therefore, if you’re over 60 or if you have a respiratory or-and cardiovascular condition you should stay where you are. 

Family in a car ready to move to your Florida beach house for self-isolation.
If you’re considering a move to your Florida beach house for self-isolation, car is the only transportation you should think about.

What to bring to your Florida beach house?

If you decided that you live close enough and that you should move to your Florida beach house for self-isolation you have another problem on your hands. And that is deciding what should you bring with you. And again, this depends on many things. However, before you start making supplies of everything, think is there a grocery store near your beach house. If there is one, you can go shopping every few days. This way you’ll be able to eat fresh and stay healthy. Our professionals from tell us that all the food stores in Florida are working perfectly normally. So you shouldn’t worry about that.

On the other hand, things you should consider moving with you are the things that will make your stay at a beach house more pleasant. Now, you won’t be able to exactly spend an amazing time crashing the waves as you’re going to be spending most of your hours inside. So, think about bringing your home library. Now is the time to read all those books that you have been stacking for years. Maybe you’d like to bring your PC, or home entertainment system. Whatever makes you happy. Also, be sure to pack something useful that the whole family will use. If you forgot about kitchen appliance maintenance in your waterfront property, you may as well pack that dishwasher.

Few tips for moving preparation

Before you start packing for your relocation, prepare everything that you’ll need. Buy enough moving boxes and packing supplies. Be sure not to use free boxes as studies have shown that coronavirus can live on cardboard for up to 24 hours. Be sure to have hand sanitizers beside the door where movers will enter and leave the house. It’s also a good idea to soak a rug with medical alcohol and leave it at the front door for wiping shoes. When it comes to your choice of movers, call them and ask about their preventive measures regarding the virus outbreak. Also, get to know full cost of your upcoming relocation before your moving day.

Kid playing with moving boxes.
Make sure to get all packing supplies new. They can serve as toys later.

What to do after the move

Well, by now you probably figured out on your own what suits you the best at the moment. However, we’ll try to kindle your imagination with a few more things you can do during your isolation period. Maybe you’ll find something that you haven’t think of, or you might get a good idea just by looking at these.

Download Disney+

We all know that kids sometimes handle situations like this much worse than we do. And that’s perfectly alright. They don’t really understand what’s going on. So, having access to a library of all the Disney at all times is a great tool for calming them. Show them all the Disney classics you grew up with, or watch some of the new ones with them. You finally have the time.

Excercise and nap

If you’re missing the gym, you don’t have to worry. There’s plenty of exercises you can do by yourself at home. Check out YouTube as it is full of amazing fitness trainers doing the video workouts. Just don’t get carried away as there are some weird side-effects of exercising. And after that sweat sesh, what can possibly be better than a relaxing nap? Try to remember when was the last time when you were able to nap all time you want. Probably in kindergarten.

Woman exercising at home.
You don’t need a gym to stay fit. Just visit Youtube.

Tidy the house

If you decided to move to your Florida beach house for self-isolation, the chances are that you use it as a vacation home. This means, that it probably can use some cleaning or at least tidying up. Although this task sounds very boring, it can really help you to clear your mind and put yourself into a positive headspace. Try meditating while cleaning. You’ll thank us later. 

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