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8 Best Streaming Apps To Watch HD Videos in 2020

Best Streaming Apps 2020

In 2020 every person has a Smartphone in his hands, and there are three apps that people install on their Android Phones. One is Facebook, the second is Twitter, and the third is the YouTube app. Facebook and Twitter are used for interacting with people, while YouTube is used for entertainment purposes. Unfortunately, you need a good internet connection to run YouTube fast and watch the videos in HD results. That is the reason we are going to give you the eight best streaming apps that you can use on your Smartphones to watch every video in 4K results.

Best Streaming Apps of 2020

The apps that we will give you will not only work on your Smartphones, but they will also work on your Laptops and iOS devices.

The list of these apps is extensive, so we will not take your time to explain the features. Let’s come straight to our point, so the eight top streaming apps are as follow:

Netflix: Netflix is an old app that was founded in 1997, and everyone is familiar with the Netflix app because it is in the internet market for ages. It is an American based streaming service whose CEO is Reed Hastings. The successful seasons including Money Heist, Stranger Things, The Witcher, and many more seasons, are listed on this app. You can get a free trial of the Netflix app for 30 days.

Showbox: Showbox is the best and the most popular app in the whole United States. It is famous because of many reasons, and there are countless features of this app. You can view the videos by selecting the year and ratings of a particular movie. No ads will disturb you when you are watching the videos, and the quality is also high.

Disney Plus APK: The Walt Disney Company is famous not from now, kids like Disney channel. In my childhood, I had only one cartoon channel in my mind, and that was the Disney Channel. You can watch the National Geographic channel on this app. Disney Plus has now withdrawn all its services from the Netflix app, and now they are busy promoting their app. You can visit the official website of the Disney Plus app to download it.

Mega Box HD: Mega Box HD is the best app that has a compelling interface with easy-to-use navigation. This app only offers 1080p video content, and you don’t have to see any advertisements to view the videos. It also provides you the downloading option. You can download the videos you want and then watch them later. There are a lot of categories, so they have arranged a drop-down menu for every user.

TeaTV APK: TeaTV is one of the best streaming apps that lets you resume the video from where you left. It doesn’t contain any ads when you are watching the videos, and this app is entirely free from viruses and trojans. You can find a massive collection of dramas, movies, and seasons. The result of the video content they provide is outstanding, and you will be surprised to see the videos.

HBO Max APK: When it comes to watching content related to horror movies and seasons, then HBO Max is the best app for it. The word “H” also stands for Horror, and HBO Max will provide you the best Horror content in 4K quality. You can also see the educational videos and use this app on almost every device. You can view the subtitles of a particular video. In other words, you can vanish the subtitles if you don’t like them.

Twitch: Twitch is the best streaming app that can be used for gaming purposes too. Most people use Twitch for gaming, but you can also use this app for hosting your streams. There are many live sessions held; just you’ve to enter your favorite category and see how many live streams are happening. Now it is your choice to see the live video or watch the replay. There are two subscriptions of Twitch, one is free and the second is paid. In free sessions, you need a good internet connection because Twitch will not host their internet for you. In paid subscription, Twitch gives you access to view videos in high-quality without a good internet connection.

Gears TV APK: If you are a sports lover, then I suggest you Gears TV app. You can view the videos in 4K quality, and it is 100% free. Using the Gears TV app is very easy; you get full access to the content they deliver. As I already mentioned that if you are a sports nerd, then don’t forget to install this app on your Smartphone. You get a bunch of updates related to sports, seasons, and movies. It also hosts Amazon Prime content, so you can also access the Amazon content by just using this app.

Wrapping It Up

These were the top eight streaming apps that will fit with your Smartphone. I know most people use the YouTube app, but when they install any of these apps on their Smartphones, they’ll forget the YouTube app.

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