10 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes are The Best

There are endless reasons to invest in a good pair of handmade shoes like women’s ballet flats, flat and slide sandals, etc. Many people are drawn towards these shoes because of their style and trendy look, however many prefer quality and comfort over it. These handmade shoes may be expensive, but they are worth investing in. Here are 10 reasons why buying handmade shoes is a wise decision



Unlike cheaply produced shoes in mass, these types of shoes will be resisted to harsh weather environments. You never have to worry about splitting, cracking, and certain wear and tear when you buy genuine handmade shoes.


The best shoes that are handmade are in leather. A well-crafted, personalized shoe can be uniquely designed to meet your unique shoe needs and will combine all these elements to create a beautifully customized shoe that will provide not only the utmost comfort but also full functionality.

Best details

Handmade shoes also provide the finest design of any other form of a shoe; they come with strengthened stitching to ensure that the most exposed areas are protected from daily wear and tear will not give out, no matter the rigorous wearing

Saves Money

Although quality leather shoes can cost you more than any other pair of manufactured shoes, but they will last much longer. You should expect these shoes to last decades and save you a lot of money in the long run. On the contrary, cheaply mass-produced shoes need to be replaced every six months or so, which can cost you more money; but, if your handmade shoes are well-taken care, you can expect several years of wear from them.

Always in style

Classic Shoes never goes out of style. They have been in trend for thousands of years and are not likely to go out of style anytime soon. Since most handmade shoes are made from leather that is a natural material, they are going to be exclusive, which means that no two pairs are ever going to be exactly the same.


Nothing beats handmade shoes if you’re looking for ease and comfort. These are designed with your unique needs in mind and are designed to best suit your foot.


Since they’re made of the finest material, handmade shoes can bear all sorts of weather conditions. The craftsmen prefer to pay much more attention to the little details that make a pair of shoes last longer.


Like other material, leather shoes let your feet to breathe so that they don’t get as tired and irritated. Although these two shoes may look similar, leather does not trap your feet in an uncomfortable position that result in skin damage.

 Preferable for special medical needs

Since they are handmade, leather can be personalized to match any foot shape or condition, be it hammer toes, high arches, or bunions that need special footwear. Handmade shoes can be designed to fulfill any standard footwear specifications required.

 Turn Heads

Leather provides a degree of elegance and quality that will leave a great first impression. Leather gets noticed and will turns heads, giving it the recognition and admiration.

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