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4 Tips to keep your bedroom least messy and reduce cleaning time

Ever wondered what people with spick-and-span houses do to make their houses look like a million bucks?

Believe us! They do not spend a lifetime cleaning their houses…

Instead, they follow simple tips, save a lot of time and have a life to live. We get you top 4 of those tips to take some advantage and have some time on your hand.

4 Tips to keep your bedroom clean and clutter-free

  1. Start with making your bed

You’ve probably watched the viral video of the serving officer who suggested that everyone should start their day by making their bed. It has a domino effect and keeps one motivated throughout the day. Brush your mattress, tuck in the bed sheet and set up the pillows to make up your bed, this is also our first tip to keep your bedroom clean and non-messy.

Also, since the bed is often placed centrally in a room and takes up the most of its space, if your bed is clean and organized, the room looks organized too!

  1. Have a dedicated place for everything

While this might sound like very obvious but most of our little possessions such as keys, mail, books etc do not have a dedicated place. And actually these are the ones that have the most potential to create a clutter. If you cannot think of a dedicated place for such items, consider getting beautiful storage baskets and place them strategically in your bedroom. They will clear the clutter and make the room look more organized.

  1. Put everything at its dedicated place

It does not just end at having a dedicated place for everything. Instead it works when you put everything back at its dedicated place! You might be very tempted to leave that towel on the bed, your clothes on the couch or your shoes under the bed but you need to stop!

Rewind and see how you can make a difference.

Leave that towel in the wash room; put your clothes back in your closet and your shoes in the shoe rack. And Voila! You have successfully prevented yourself from cluttering your room (and then wasting your time cleaning it!)

  1. Choose cleaning on the go

There cannot be a smarter way to undertake cleaning than to clean while on the go. Pick up those coffee mugs from your side table and leave them in the kitchen sink when you go out to answer the door bell. This way you do not have to set aside any specific time for cleaning up your bedroom. Instead, you can use the same time for pursuing your hobbies such as reading or gardening.

In short – a cleaner bedroom is not about hours of cleaning every day. With a bit of advanced management and tricks, you can make it look amazing in the least time instead. Just try these tips and make it happen.

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