Get Hooked on Beach – Fishing Adventures in Jaco!

Located at a distance of less than a hundred kilometers from San Jose in Costa Rica, Jaco is a quaint town that boasts of pristine sandy beaches, shimmering waters, lavish jungles, bustling streets, and endless fun. Intoxicating night-time activities such as live music scenes, discos, bars, and grand parties makes this beach town even more vibrant as the sun goes down.

Aquatic Adventures in Jaco

Thrill-seekers visit Jaco for some of the most adrenaline-packed water-based activities including white water rafting, sea-surfing, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, boat riding, rafting, catamaran cruises etc. Waterfall Tours and White Water Rafting Costa Rica is liked by most of the tourist along with other activities.

Fish Variety in Jaco

  • The deep waters harbor large fishes like Black, Blue, and Striped Marlins. Other fishes that can be easily caught in this area include Sailfish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Grouper, amberjack, and Rainbow Runners.
  • Near Shore, you can bait for the Roosterfish, Red Snapper, and Snook.

Best Season for Sport Fishing in Jaco

Jaco hosts some of the best spots for Off-shore Game-Fishing in Costa Rica. The variety of fishes in this area has different peak seasons. Although you can visit Jaco for Beach Fishing any time of the year, if you are interested in a certain type of fishes, you can use the following fish calendar as a reference.

Fish Jan to March April to June July to Sep Oct to Dec
Marlin Fair Good Good Excellent
Sailfish Excellent Good Good Excellent
Mahi Mahi Excellent Good Good Excellent
Yellow Fin Tuna Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Wahoo Good Good Good Fair
Roosterfish Good Good Excellent Fair
Snapper Fair Good Excellent Excellent

Los Suenos Marina

It is located in Central Pacific is the home to one of the most fertile fishing grounds in the world and that’s why Los Suenos Tours. You can charter boats and yachts from here 365 days of the year. This full-service port has a fuel dock, full-time staff, and it can accommodate:

  • 200 wet slips – For vessels from 30 to 180 feet in length
  • 100 dry slips – For vessels under 35 feet in length.

Charter Sizes

  • The larger charters are suitable for up to 10 anglers. These boats generally feature snoozing quarters, and amenities like air conditioning, television, radar and echo sounder, lighting fixtures generator, navigator, radio and open flybridge.
  • The mid-sized charters are suitable for 5 people and are equipped with a restroom, GPS, echo sounder, virtual intensity sounder, radar, and stereo TV.
  • For the groups of 3-4 people, the smaller boats are recommended.

Resorts situated along the beach in Jaco that offer all-inclusive packages that are ideal for family vacations, honeymooners, groups, as well as solo travelers. You can enjoy the aquatic adventures during the day and parties buzzing with electric energy and casinos after sundown.

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