How To Know It’s Time To Change Your Tyres

How To Know It’s Time To Change Your Tyres?

Driving on worn-out tyres is dangerous even in excellent conditions. If you want to know how to know if your tyres need replacement you are at the correct place! There are certain ways in which you can determine that it’s time to change them.

Below are the ways to find out whether your tyre needs replacement:


To inspect the tread wear there are tread wear indicators that are within the grooves known as ribs. If you find that the rubber is worn down to this point then it’s time to get them repaired. The deeper the grooves, the better the performance in the snow and rain hence always keep a check on your tread.

Uneven wear

If you observe more wear on one side than the other then that means it’s the case of a broken suspension component or any alignment issues. If you see tyre cupping which is some an uneven tread pattern due to bouncing of the wheel. This indicates that the shock absorber is not working. Moreover, the way you drive can also lead to tyre cupping.

Tread depth

Inspect the grooves of the tyre to know whether the tread depth is proper or not. It’s easy to check the tyre depth with the help of a gauge which will help you to take readings at different angles and then all you need to do is take out the average of it. If the tread depth is less than 1.6 mm then it’s time to replace your tyres. It is not allowed to use your vehicle if the tread depth goes below this level. It might even lead to dangerous accidents. Always make sure that your tyres tread depth is correct.

Sidewall damage

Sidewall damage is very dangerous and you must never take it lightly. If serious the sidewall damage can even lead to blowouts. The only solution to this is replacing the tyre.

Rubber cracks

Rubber cracks develop due to bad conditions that may be the acidic rain on the road or the UV rays of the sun. Extreme conditions can cause the rubber to erode even though Hankook Tyres have anti-ageing chemicals in them that acts as a protection against this but this doesn’t have a long-lasting effect. These cracks are not a problem until these get deeper into the rubber and affect tyre performance.

Bulges and bubbles

Bubbles and bulges are signs of a serious problem as these indicate that the inner lining of the tyre is facing some problem. The reason for damage may be hitting a curb.


Vibrations are commonly observed due to problems in the tyre or the wheel alignment. If not taken seriously, these can reach the cabin of the car that can lead to serious accidents.

Never ignore such signs no matter how slow or fast you are driving as these can lower the performance of your tyre or even lead to accidents.

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