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Three best CRMs which you must consider in 2020

A CRM system performs several functions. It is used for collecting data and toring information about interactions between a company and its leading customers. This information comes from multiple channels such as various social media platforms, customer support system, feedback reviews, and company’s official website, and so on. The company can analyze these data the right way and can use it for better their products, address the concerns of the customers and drive their company’s growth.

CRM is important for all businesses. Whether you are running a small business or a large one, CRM is vital in the early stage of every business. This is mainly because the success of an organisation or a business largely depends on how many customers they are getting as well as how capable they are to fulfil their customers’ requirements so they can retain them for long.

As for example, a newly opened restaurant must know what customers are thinking about their quality of food and service, what type of reviews they are posting about it and whether they are likely to visit the place again or not. Knowing and analyzing all these things can help to organize their business better the right way and thereby fulfil maximum customers’ requirements.

Depending upon your business requirements, here we are listing a few CRM systems you can select from. In order to help you choosethe right one, let’s have a look at those types with features.

  • Soffront CRM software

  • It offers a smart way of managing your business efficiently. No matter whether you are running a small business or a large one, this CRM software proves very helpful as it includes various aspects of a business such as account management, forecast sales revenue, contact management, task management, social CRM template management and so on.
  • This CRM software is accessible from both iPhone and Android application. If you want to set up a custom workflow for your business, you can do it the right way with the help of this advanced form of Soffront CRM software. Its paid version is equipped with advanced features. If you have a potential clients list, this CRM software will help you with manage your daily and weekly appointments efficiently.
  • Let’s have a look at some important features –
    1. Helps to manage your leads customer information in an efficient manner
    2. Close deals with a sale automation process
    3. Provide accurate forecast on sales pipeline
    4. Integrate with a calendar system
    5. Provide the facility of making phone calls from the CRM software
    6. Provide the facility creating custom design workflow
    7. Get a 360-degree view of projects
  • Hubspot CRM

  • Your business can handle only a few numbers of customers which does not mean that you can go a long way with it. If growth is the ultimate goal of your business, then you need a CRM system which should be capable enough to manage an increased influx of customer. If you are looking for such customer interaction or involvement, then the Hubspot CRM system is the answer.This system always offers an updated view of your company’s sales process through a visual dashboard. With the help of this system, you can easily manage schedule appointments, track the performance of each customer involvement.
  • Streak CRM

  • Streak CRM is one of the easiest CRM to use. It is a built-in application that can regularly be used by anyone who has a trusted internet connection. The main function of the streak is that it instantly transforms Gmail into a CRM powerhouse.You just need to install the extension and half of your job is done. Streak shows easy collaboration and allows you to share and store everything right from contacts to files with just a single click. You can easily manage deals, support queues and set up reminders just by using Google calendar.
  • Insightly CRM

  • For small business establishments, budget is an important factor and therefore, they always lookout for a CRM solution that comes with great features without costing much. With just a minimum price, Insightly truly has the best value for money and offers great service. It offers detailed report chart system and Microsoft power business analytics.
  • So, these are the four best CRM systems of 2020 from which you can choose for your business establishments.

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