5 Reasons Why Charitable Giving Is Good Business

5 Reasons Why Charitable Giving Is Good Business

In today’s climate, taking corporate responsibility to a social level is something greater to consider. Creating charitable partnerships within the community benefits your business’s bottom line and enhances the company culture at the same time.

5 Reasons Why Charitable Giving Is Good Business

Here are more 5 reasons why charitable giving is good business.

Gain customer support:

When you donate to charity, it shows customers that you care about the community. With this recognition, some customers will try to support your business specifically by purchasing your products and services;  thus increasing your sales.

Shows your values:

Giving to charity does not just involve money.  It also involves donating your time for something you believe in.  Lending a helping hand to the needy shows off your personal values and reflects upon your character.

Benefits your employees:

When you donate to charity, it also encourages your employees to follow suit. Social responsibility is about leaders gathering their teams to fulfill the common goal of giving back to worthy causes.

Tom Kane Chicago says this can be accomplished in a number of ways; for example, participating in a charity sporting event, organizing a community garden, or supporting a local research hospital.   Tommy Kane is passionate about giving back and is involved in a number of other local charities focused on education and helping those most in need.

Journey to philanthropy:

Giving back is contagious.  Once you’ve seen the results of your work first-hand, most donors and charitable givers want to do more.  This may involve helping others start up their own charitable initiatives.

The good is reciprocated:

Since charitable giving is good for your values and employees, it also means your business will reap the benefits of it.  When your business provides charity, it will be noted by job applicants who will become interested in working for you.  Additionally, customers will appreciate a business who they know if involved in bettering the community.

Charitable giving is good business and you won’t be able to understand it unless and until you do it yourself. It shows a lot of you to others and your personal values. On the other side, it provides you with great positive feedback.

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